Top Rated Beers You Havenít Rated

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beers 1809 º places 91 º 08:24 Wed 5/8/2013

It will be the 2 BA Dark Lords when I get around to rating the BA Speedway and the Westy XII I have in my cellar.

beers 7201 º places 87 º 08:50 Wed 5/8/2013

Iím also steady at 42/50. Missing: Bourbon Vanilla DL, Apple Brandy Hunahpu, Final Push, Mikkeller X, Ann, RareR DOS, and both Mikkeller Georges. Luckily, I have a bottle of Cognac George and Iíll crack it soon. Missed Apple Brandy Huna by about 30 seconds at the Falling Rock tapping at GABF.

Final Push will probably be the toughest for me.