A few of us knew it... Cleveland one of Americaís best beer cities

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The "list"


Iíll save you the clicks. There are only 5 cities listed. What a joke, GQ.

1) Los Angeles
2) Denver
3) Philly
4) Cleveland
5) San Francisco

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What are your top 5 beer cities?

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GIVE US A BREAK. Let us have our moment.. plus it canít be that far off.

Cleveland has a lot of good beer stuff going on, the lack of a tight knit community is really the only thing I can fault us for. There seems to be lots of cliques rather than a mutual love of beer.

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Also if we were putting this together how would we do it?

1. Number of top rated retailers
2. Number of top rated brewers
3. Number of top rated beers
4. Number of Number of top 800 beers available there

Anything else?

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How is LA better than any of those cities or Chicago?

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I was in Chicago and slightly disappointed with the scene, the best part of Chicagoís beer scene was the drive back to Cleveland and stopping at Three Floyds (I wrote it out)

Pac NW is a true statement, and yeah LA i canít see being great for beer, maybe lumping SoCal is how LA made the list

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Even tho I live in Seattle, I am not too partial to it. However, Portland... really... no Portland?

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Hahahahahaha. Greensboro, VT should be #1

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Originally posted by TURDFERGUSON
Hahahahahaha. Greensboro, VT should be #1

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Not sure I would agree, but having spent a day there when my son went to school, can say I got a trunk full of beers that inclded quite a few awesome ones.