27K for Fonefan

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beers 1306 º places 41 º 01:06 Fri 11/16/2012

No surprise here but Fonefan just hit 27.000 (And I have no idea what the actual figure is once he enters all the backlog ).

Cheers to Jan and Charlotte, two of the nicest people Iíve ever met
Always a pleasure to share a few many pints with you

beers 1 º places 1 º 02:00 Fri 11/16/2012

30k by the end of the year?

beers 10414 º places 11 º 02:08 Fri 11/16/2012

Ha ha, pure madness. Well done!!!

beers 147 º places 64 º 02:09 Fri 11/16/2012

cheers guys, so which will come first, 30,000 rates or a whole pint consumed

always good to see you, when are you in the Grim North again?

beers 13313 º places 451 º 02:22 Fri 11/16/2012

Iím failing to get my head around how freaking huge 27000 is.
Congratulations to the both of you, itís always a pleasure to meet.

beers 5829 º places 10 º 02:32 Fri 11/16/2012

Congrats, great milestone! Cheers to you!

beers 5983 º places 252 º 02:47 Fri 11/16/2012

I always say congrats, but mean cheers!

I am happy I have been able to provide you some beers in trades you havenít had!
Cheers Jan (and Charlotte) to many more trades and shares and beers!

beers 20945 º places 2467 º 03:12 Fri 11/16/2012

Absolutely amazing! I have yet to drink a beer with you, and thatís probably the biggest gap in my RB career to date. I hope we can fill it soon....cheers!

beers 15435 º places 404 º 03:13 Fri 11/16/2012

That is a ridiculous number! Impressive.
Cheers jogc. See You Soon!

beers 17052 º places 276 º 03:20 Fri 11/16/2012

Well done, Jan

Thanks to you and Charlotte for your great hospitality

Have fun without me tonight

beers 12810 º places 195 º 03:26 Fri 11/16/2012

Cheers Jan! Hope to taste some beers with you again next year!