Seattle Jan 31-Feb 2

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beers 18 º 10:07 Sun 1/27/2013

Will be in the Seattle area whats the best place to score nice bottles and whats a must eat or drink.
Also if any one in Seattle have extra Aftw or cherry Adam want to trade BM me

beers 1647 º places 46 º 10:29 Wed 1/30/2013

A few of my favorites:

Bottle shops:
- Bottleworks
- The Beer Junction (great bottleshop, 20 taps, located in West Seattle)

Drinking establishments:
- Brouwer’s
- Uber Tavern
- Beveridge Place Pub
- Chuck’s Hop Shop (38 taps, also a bottle shop)

- Fremont Brewing
- Big Time
- Reuben’s Brews

All of these places have websites / facebook pages which should give you an idea of what they offer.

Some more ideas are in this thread: http://www.ratebeer.com/forums/visiting-seattle-1-6--1-10_219691.htm

If in W. Seattle, you can hit: The Beer Junction, Beveridge Place Pub, Bakery Nouveau (no beer, but a fantastic bakery) all within a mile of each other.

If in U-District / Fremont neighborhood you can easily get from:
Big Time -> Bottleworks -> Fremont Brewing -> Brouwer’s.

beers 3 º 14:18 Thu 1/31/2013

Brouwers is nice if you want to SPEND on some nice vintage bottles. It is vacation after all, right? Great tap list too.