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Looking for thoughts and opinions on this brewery.

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A great mid-level brewery in my opinion. Very solid year round offerings and some great seasonals. if you are inquiring about visiting the brewery itself, no clue. I live in PA and I love Nugget Nectar, Sunshine Pils, Mad Elf and Perpetual IPA.

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Big, new brewery. Pretty cool. If you visit youíll find some solid year rounds and seasonals and a couple from their Scratch series, which are a bunch of one-offs. When I visited, they had 3 Scratch on tap, and one available bottled. Definitely worth a visit, along with Pizza Boy/Alís of Hampden which is nearby.

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They make good or solid beers fairly regularly and their scratch beer series ranges from meh to pretty damn good. Splinters were damn good but mostly unattainable. Nugget nectar is fabulous (back on track this year after growing pains last year during expansion) and perpetual is damn good for a regular offering at a reasonable ($35 case) price point.

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A great brewery who I have loved and supported for over 15 years now. I truly hope the stories I am hearing about the Trogner brothers letting GABF medals go to their heads and cause them to be arrogant pricks are unfounded, however, because although I love Nugget Nectar, and I discovered Hopback Amber, Sunshine Pils, and Scratch 4 (now Flying Muffdiver), my loyalty knows its limits. The beer world, as with life, is a fickle fuck, and can bite you in the ass at a momentís notice.

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Ingot the Nuget nectar today and really wasnt impressed with it. Sucjs the whole foods i went to was out of lagunitas sucks. The NN was too sweet for me

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The tour is pretty legit. Large modern brewery, solid beers.

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They make some really nice beers. Nugget Nectar, Hopback, JavaHead, Perpetual.

They have a few stinkers like anyone else.

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Just tried this yearís Nugget Nectar. It rocks. Iím also a fan of Dead Reckoning Porter. And the new brewery food is great.