Not another "itís not as good as last year" thread

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Just bought a case of Troegís Nugget Nectar thinking it would be something to stay in the back of the fridge as a go to beer only to find this year I find it a lot more hoppy and delicious than I remember it being. Just sayiní

beers 3150 º places 131 º 18:18 Tue 2/26/2013

Definitely good stuff this year but I have always liked it.

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beers 10642 º places 264 º 21:08 Tue 2/26/2013

I have always been a fan.

beers 7 º 21:19 Tue 2/26/2013

Had my first nug tonight.. Good stuff!

beers 8267 º places 192 º 05:36 Wed 2/27/2013

I remember in being incredible 2 years ago. Disappointing last year. And this years was somewhere in between, probably closer to 2 years ago, but definitely better than last years.

beers 238 º places 1 º 07:11 Wed 2/27/2013

I was hoping for more hoppy than what I tasted, but I have no point of comparison since this is the first time Iíve had it. Not a bad beer, but there are better ambers out there.

beers 470 º places 10 º 07:21 Wed 2/27/2013

I just bought some.

beers 12922 º places 251 º 07:28 Wed 2/27/2013

This thread was better last year

beers 324 º places 3 º 07:33 Wed 2/27/2013

Itís 10x better than last year, and last year is 10x better than 2011. I just did a vertical last night so Iím positive on this.

beers 1191 º places 95 º 08:04 Wed 2/27/2013

last yearís was awesome, but I havenít had this yearís batch.