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How far is Toronado from the Parc 55 hotel? Walking distance? Quick cab ride? Bartable?

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google maps, bro?

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Originally posted by frink
How far is Toronado from to Parc 55 hotel? Walking distance? Quick cab ride? Bartable?

Itís not bartable as BART heads south and Toronado is straight west. I wouldnít walk it either.

Just take the muni undergound to church street (J/K/T) and itís like 3 blocks north...$2.50 I think it is for a pass + a 90 minute transfer. Thatís the most effortless way to get there assuming the damn Muni isnít all to Hell and clogged up from two homeless duking it up at Civic center station.


Also, if youíre staying at Parc55, you should go to Swig or Bourbon and Branch for some great cocktails. I used to live at 250 Taylor Street..snap a pick of my old apartment while youíre there itís a block from Parc past the 3 massage parlors.

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Originally posted by callmemickey
google maps, bro?

1.7 miles. That literally took me 20 seconds.

So, yes, very walkable.

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Youíre also about a mile from 21st Amendment (and I suppose you could hit Thirsty Bear on the way). And if you continue down Haight for another 3/4 of a mile or so from Toronado, youíll be at Magnolia.

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Cool. Thanks guys.And yeah I used google maps I just wanted a second opinion from those who are familiar with the area.

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If you really wanted to spend 30 minutes to shave .5 of those miles you could BART down to 16th/Mission and hit Monks Kettle and a handful of other places on the walk from the BART station to Toronado. But yeah, a walk is probably good for you if youíre going to go drink a bunch of beer (and probably eat Rosamunde next door).

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It's not a bad walk. Stop at Zeitgeist along the way.

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Bus 6, 66 or 71 should take you there.