Which Quick Disconnects to Use?

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beers 2160 º places 63 º 10:18 Sun 2/10/2013

I have a bunch of the polysulfone ones, and Iím not thrilled with them. Problems include:
1. They get harder to insert as they get older.
2. Keg lube helps the insertion problems but breaks down the O-Rings.
3. Silicone O-Rings make things better. As expensive as polysulfone is, why not ship with Silicone? WTF?
4. They break. One sharp pop, and the broken male end is left in the female fitting.
Advantages include:
1. ?

I already have a few Tri-Clover fittings for my fermenter.
1. Almost zero clearance connections, instead of the male/female plug/socket combo.
2. Durable.
3. If I buy more Iím standardizing.
1. Expensive

Iím also considering Camlocks.
1. Relatively cheap.
2. Durable.
1. Back to the male/female plug/socket combo.

Any thoughts? What are you using? What is a good source?
Iím looking at bargainfittings.com for the Camlocks.

beers 3438 º places 209 º 12:02 Sun 2/10/2013

The can locks seem like the best option on 10 gallons/smaller. They also are very durable and easy to clean. The try clover are fancy but expensive, particularly if you start incorporating sight glasses and inline O2.

14:22 Sun 2/10/2013

I have the camlocks on my system and I really like them. Easy to clean, easy to use, and durable.

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