Return of the Fanø Summer Slumber party

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beers 15324 º places 398 º 07:30 Mon 7/2/2012

Great Ryan. I am gonna bring a 2. Liter Hacker Psc: Animator Doppelbock. Some fresh Bohemian stuff as well..

07:42 Mon 7/2/2012

Dude that is awesome. Fresh lager = best shit on earth.

07:43 Mon 7/2/2012

1 of the kegs for the day is Stillwater Førty Fååve. 9% malt liquor dry hopped to fuck with galaxy and citra. I can tell you now after drinking it in Italy it will mess you uppppppp.

beers 14943 º places 115 º 12:13 Tue 7/3/2012

Don’t know yet, but I will try to find something good !!!

beers 12551 º places 248 º 13:34 Tue 7/3/2012

Originally posted by FrumptyDumpty
Mads for you I have 1 50cl bottle (last one left) of Viola Sofia batch 1 non-barrel aged.

Me too!

beers 11875 º places 144 º 12:43 Wed 7/11/2012

Okay then! See you!

beers 11875 º places 144 º 05:30 Thu 7/12/2012

Originally posted by thewolf
Okay then! See you!

Will have to check the cellar, but I think that some Murrays will make it to Fanø

beers 913 º places 6 º 01:48 Wed 7/18/2012

Originally posted by FrumptyDumpty
Plan is to make Fanø burgers this time so no bacon explosion. No luck on Rye barrels so we will just stick with recipe we had.

Main reason I will not be joining you...ummm...bacon explosion.

beers 913 º places 6 º 01:49 Wed 7/18/2012

Originally posted by FrumptyDumpty
We should make this more lets drink awesome beer more then tick fest =)

Main reason I should be going...

02:44 Wed 7/18/2012

Well the other reason is the box of kick ass beer I just got from Maltzilla.