Return of the Fan݆Summer Slumber party

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beers 15325 º places 398 º 00:49 Sat 2/18/2012

No. It will be much better!

beers 14962 º places 115 º 01:20 Sat 2/18/2012

Juli 28th is Ok !!

beers 12554 º places 248 º 01:48 Sat 2/18/2012

July 28th is also fine by me

beers 33430 º places 355 º 05:18 Sat 2/18/2012

July if I shall have a chance - but I wonít promise anything

beers 915 º places 6 º 06:09 Sat 2/18/2012

Originally posted by Jeppe
please repeat that ryan, i didnt understand?!

I never understood Ryan, but I understand the concept of the bacon explosion. Still havenít made final plans for the summer, so Iím not able to be decisive yet.

places 548 º 06:44 Sat 2/18/2012

Me to... Last weekend juli fits pertect.. After Bamberg before London..

beers 19 º places 4 º 07:01 Sat 2/18/2012

Should work for me...

10:25 Sat 2/18/2012

Ok we switch the date to July 28th. I will look to change event date. Can a Admin do that?

beers 16315 º places 379 º 11:26 Sat 2/18/2012

fixed it for you.

11:52 Sat 2/18/2012

Link to fixed event