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Originally posted by Cletus
Pork: Wild Boar ribs

Whatís your preferred preparation (and where do you find them)?

Lots of onion, savory spices, some juniper, chicken or duck stock in a slow cooker.

I can get them from a local farmers market.


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Cow: Rib-Eye
Pork: Belly/Bacon
Chicken: Nothiní but a wing
Fish: Beer-battered

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Cow: hamburger
Pork: ham
Chicken: breast
Seafood: red snapper
Woman: pineapple

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Isnt this OTL?

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Originally posted by drowland
Isnt this OTL?

Cut of meat, seems Food and Beer-worthy to me.

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Cow - Hanger
Pig - Belly
Chicken - Enormously Variable pending on the preperation, Iíd like to say thigh... since I know that that is the most flavorful and generally accepted as the best, but I like breast, I realize it can be horrible if not done with care, but if a chicken breast is cooked well itís very well prized with me.
Seafood (type of fish) - Mahi or Raw Oyser pending on the mood (shelfish counts... right?)

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Digginí this thread

Cow: Porterhouse

Pig: Big Oíl Chop

Chicken: Thigh(most flavor)

Seafood: Anything but oysters. Fresh Striped Bass when available though

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Originally posted by CanIHave4Beers

Cow - Hanger
Pig - Belly
Chicken - sashimi
Seafood (type of fish) - grabbed some salmon the east coast they cut in front of us. Ate it on the car ride home. That salmon.

This is mine. Canihave4beibers was close

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chicken breast

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Now explain this to me:

Woman - Pineapple

Dr. John, do you mean hanging off the high beams, or have you tried long pig, hopefully in the Alps during a 4 week plane crash scenario?