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Originally posted by Douberd
2 but only because 1 is much worse.


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Originally posted by Saison36
Iím opening a brewpub and need your advice.

What name do you like better for the name of a brewpub?

Itís in an old steel foundry building. Upscale pub food/Belgian/sour/hoppy

1. Dank Brewing Company

2. Vanguard Brewing Company

Thank you for taking the time to post.

Vanguard is less ... icky.

How about calling it The Works? Or The Lathe Of Heaven? (yeah, I know, that one sucks, but Ursula K. Le Guin needs to be remembered now and then)

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Dank Daddies Done Dirty Artisinal Craftery

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I actually like Vanguard Brewing as a name. I associate Vanguard with the front lines of some medieval battle.

And as everyone else has already said... Dank Brewing is probably the stupidest fucking name in the world.

JRedmond would probably name it "Swinging Dad Dong Brewing." Iíd drink their beer.

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Honestly, I think you could name your brewery Quack Duck Brewing or something like that and be successful as long as you brew good beerÖ Take a look at some of the other craft brewers out there. Sierra Nevada, Hill Farmstead, Russian RiverÖ. you canít go wrong with tying your brewery with the "terrior" of your location. Good beer will rise to the top.

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Itís in an old steel foundry building. Upscale pub food/Belgian/sour/hoppy

I like The Foundry Beer Works, or Steel Street BrewPub, or Sparks Brewing (I visualize molten metal poured giving off spark-like trails.)

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1. pussys.

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Originally posted by smith4498
Vandelay Brewing Company
This 100 times over.

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Moe: "Seems no one wants to hang out in a dank pit no more."
Carl: "Your not thinking of getting rid of the dank are you Moe?"
Moe (dejectedly): "Awwwwww, maybe I am."
Carl (desperately): "But Moe!!! The DANK! THE DANK!!!!"

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Metalworks Brewing

1 and 2 are pretty bad. Explain further as to how these decisions for names were made?