Delirium Café

4.5/5.0 446 reviews
Impasse de la Fidelite 4
Brussels, Belgium 1000

02 514 44 34
Mon - Sat 10:00 AM - 4:00 AM; Sun 10:00 AM - 2:00 AM

Mayor: Vighals (6) | Taps: 27 | Bottles: 2004
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Beers At Delirium Café

Dju Dju Pineapple3.6%5/18/2016
Meta Premium5.5%5/18/2016
Florisgaarden Griotte3%5/8/2016
Floris Banane3.5%5/8/2016
Delirium Nocturnum8.5%5/8/2016
Waterloo Récolte Brune6%5/1/2016
Arthur’s Legacy 06. Belle Hélène8%5/1/2016
Huyghe Campus Premium5%4/11/2016
La Rulles Estivale5.2%4/9/2016
La Guillotine8.5%2/2/2016
Delirium Red8%2/2/2016
Dupont Avec les Bons Voeux9.5%2/2/2016
Straffe Hendrik Brugs Quadrupel11%2/2/2016
Waterloo Récolte Blonde6%1/31/2016
Pink Killer5%1/31/2016
Chimay Triple / Blanche (White) / Cinq Cents8%1/31/2016
Belgoo Luppo Extra6.5%1/31/2016
Sainte Hélène La Pionnier IPA7.3%1/31/2016
Caulier 28 White Oak IPA5.5%1/29/2016
Préaris IPA - No Hops No Glory6.7%1/29/2016
Broeder Jacob Double Port9%1/29/2016
Queue de Charrue Blonde6.6%1/9/2016
Poiluchette Blonde Cuvée du Château7.5%1/9/2016
Torpah 306%1/9/2016
Villers Trippel8.5%1/7/2016
La Gauloise Ambrée5.5%1/7/2016
Verhaeghe Barbe Rufa8.5%1/6/2016
Silly Double Enghien Blonde7.5%1/4/2016
Oud Beersel Oude Lambik5.7%1/4/2016
Charles Quint / Keizer Karel Ommegang8%1/4/2016
L´Autruche Bière des Gilles7%12/20/2015
Delirium Argentum7.8%12/5/2015
Caulier 28 Imperial Stout11%11/26/2015
Jandrain-Jandrenouille IV Saison6.5%10/27/2015
Préaris Belma5%10/18/2015
Sainte Hélène Black Mamba4.5%10/12/2015
Struise Black Damnation IV - Coffee Club13%9/26/2015
Sainte Hélène Jean Chris Numero 29%9/24/2015
Hert Vijlener Bosbier7.5%9/24/2015
La Rulles Blonde7%9/23/2015
Viven Imperial IPA8%9/16/2015
Oud Beersel Oude Geuze6%9/14/2015
Lefebvre Hopus Primeur 20158.3%9/14/2015
Chimay (Red / Rouge / Ale / Première)7%8/2/2015
3 Fonteinen Straffe Winter8%8/2/2015
Bebop Bohemian Beer6.8%7/29/2015
Mc Chouffe8%7/27/2015
La Chouape India Pale Ale6.2%7/20/2015
Origame Erika Saison du Brabant6.5%7/18/2015
Belgoo Luppoo6.5%7/18/2015
Les 3 Fourquets Lupulus Fructus4%7/18/2015
Les 3 Fourquets Lupulus Organicus8.5%7/18/2015
Van Eecke Cuvée de Watou8%7/12/2015
Oud Beersel Bersalis Tripel9.5%7/12/2015
Belgoo Arboo8.1%6/21/2015
La Charlemagne7.5%6/21/2015
L’Alchimiste Eisbock (Congelator)9.5%6/18/2015
Le Naufrageur / Du Lac St-Jean La Tournée7.5%6/10/2015
xxx St-Feuillien Cuvée de Pâques7.5%5/24/2015
Broeder Jacob Double Espresso 7.7%5/23/2015
Palo Alto Barley Legal Coconut Porter6.4%5/20/2015
HORALs Oude Geuze Mega Blend7%5/18/2015
La Rulles Triple8.4%5/18/2015
St-Feuillien & Green Flash / Belgian Coast IPA7.5%5/18/2015
Barbãr 8%5/18/2015
Ginseng Gold (Bockhorner)5.5%5/18/2015
Eburni Premium Lager4.8%5/17/2015
Banks Caribbean Lager / Beer 4.7%5/15/2015
Owusu Dark6.5%5/15/2015
Car d’Or6.5%5/11/2015
Léopold 76.2%5/11/2015
Silly IPA Green Killer6.5%5/11/2015
Paceña Centenario5.2%5/11/2015
Saigon Export4.9%5/11/2015
Lemur Katta5%5/11/2015
Beerlao Dark6.5%5/11/2015
33 Export (Cameroon)5%5/10/2015
Baltika 6 Porter7%5/10/2015
Serengeti-Beer Mango5.1%5/10/2015
Kasteel Winter11%5/10/2015
Van Den Bossche Buffalo 19076.5%5/10/2015
La Rulles Cuvée XIIIème Anniversaire 5.7%5/5/2015
Bourgogne des Flandres 5%5/3/2015

  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 5/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD 7/10
  • OVERALL 16/20
Travlr  (2340) Washington, Washington DC | November 28, 2008
An incredible experience. Arrive early and sit at the downstairs bar - there’s no table service. Then prepare to be assaulted. Patrons from all over the world, including friendly and generous locals. 2500 beers on the menu, ad most that we wanted were available. But, only 3 menus, so grab one quick and memorize it - you’ll never see it again. Gets smokier and more packed as the night progresses. Amazing cheeses.
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 7/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 7/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
t0rin0  (1515) Do Not Resuscitate, California | October 5, 2013
Visited October 2012 with chinoskillzian, womencantsail, and 77ships.

This is an interesting place for sure. Three floors, a different tap list on each one, a different décor on each one, and all completely packed (except maybe the upstairs bar). Eugene (77ships) wanted to be upstairs because they have the most imports (ie ticks for him, being a Belgian). The rest of us started on the ground floor and got to work. I chose wisely and ordered the Floris Cactus. Down in the basement was a scene resembling a concert. You have to push your way down the stairs into the general admission / mosh pit area and fight your way to the bar. Here I ordered a glass of the TIlquin faro which was excellent in my opinion. I tried to be slick about it and pronounced it the best I could but then the bartender told me the price in Dutch. I had to admit my American-ness and ask for an English number. Upstairs is some interesting décor with lots of signs from old non-existent breweries. Not sure if he could be considered part of the decoration but there was a guy that appeared to selling something wearing a clearly (well at least to those among us that are concerned with fashion, ie not me) bootlegged shirt that was missing some letters from the name. Good times and several ticks were had by all.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 7/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 16/20
3fourths  (1514) Boulder, Colorado | June 20, 2006| Updated July 28, 2012
Pretty much a given that you’re going to visit the Delerium Cafe while in Brussels. It offers a lot for the amatuer and for the beer geek as well, but at times when these two things mix it can be a headache. The first time I visited, the downstairs bar area was absolutely packed, was about 15 degrees F hotter than upstairs, and was filled with smoke and loud chatter. It was extremely difficult to order a beer at the bar, but after about 10 minutes of standing around while making eye contact I was able to get a bottle of 1998 Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze (€20 yikes!), which I promptly took back upstairs to enjoy in solitude. Two days later we came back, because it was our last day in Belgium and I wanted the Westvleteren Blonde, which I overpayed for (€7 yikes again!), but pretty much everything is overpriced at this place. You can’t let that be a problem though, especially when you’re on vacation. The second time was rather chill, we sat downstairs, it wasn’t crowded or loud or smoky, it was quite comfortable. Had some good conversation with the bartender, she definitely knew her beer, and chatted with fellow beer tourists as well. My impressions are mixed, could be a 2 or a 4 for ambiance, depending on when you visit. If it sucks, do like I did and go back another day off-peak.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 7/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 7/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
brokensail  (1265) San Leandro, California | October 8, 2012
This place is HUGE. The downstairs and main levels are both large and seem to be pretty much packed at all times. Large and interesting draft selection and plenty of bottles to choose from as well. Service is sort of no nonsense due to how busy it is, but it works. Sort of a must stop in the city.
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 7/10
  • SELECTION 12/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 7/10
  • OVERALL 12/20
Boudicca  (1107) London, England | January 4, 2013
Delirium now seems to have taken over the whole of the alleyway (off a main tourist street where the waiters stand outside and try to drag you into their restaurants), with several bars. The café downstairs below the Delirium Hoppy Loft is, I think, the original. Personally I’ve never been a big fan – it’s usually very crowded and noisy and the seats around the high top barrel tables are rather uncomfortable (although there are normal tables and chairs on a raised area opposite the bar). However, when we last visited, on a Wednesday lunchtime, it was pleasantly quiet. Not deserted, by any means, but there was plenty of space at the bar and the service (which can sometimes be a bit dippy) was swift and friendly. There are two beer lists – one on an A4 sheet and the other the size of a telephone directory. If you order from the latter it’s not unusual for the bar person to disappear into a back room before reappearing some time later to say that your choice of bottle isn’t available. (Last visited 3 October 2012).
  • AMBIANCE 2/5
  • SERVICE 7/10
  • SELECTION 12/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 6/20
nate2g  (1071) Boomtown!, Australia | March 22, 2011
Don’t think I could ever enjoy my time here. Way too big and touristy, full of stag-dos, smoky, noisy. Perhaps the other locations are slightly more relaxed.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 7/10
  • SELECTION 12/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 5/10
  • OVERALL 15/20
Leighton  (933) London, England | August 6, 2009
Kind of a tourist trap, to be sure. But I was a tourist, so who am I kidding? I went to the place with a cute girl and we had a blast. She had the Delirium, appropriately enough, and I can’t recall what I had. Something cheap, I know that. We drank in the early afternoon and there were not many other people in the bar, so it was a nice, intimate occasion. Overall a great experience and a very decent bar.
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 9/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 9/10
  • OVERALL 19/20
BeerandBlues2  (909) Escondido, California | January 24, 2015
Despite being very loud in the basement, this is a top notch beer destination. There are thousands of beers to choose from with worldwide selections. The bar tenders were very efficient and friendly. This is a must stop for any beer geek.
  • AMBIANCE 2/5
  • SERVICE 8/10
  • SELECTION 14/15
  • FOOD 6/10
  • VALUE 6/10
  • OVERALL 14/20
Fin  (904) Merton, Oxfordshire, England, England | September 3, 2008
Visited here late July 2008. The place was quite busy on both occasions that I dropped by. There is no denying that the list is incredible but its a little frustrating in that there are only 3-4 beer directories in the whole place. Food was simple but pretty decent in a slab of cheese and bread type way. The staff I spoke to whilst very busy were actually really friendly and helpful, though we did go up to the bar as i think if not we’d have waited for a while. Surprised to see Pannepot GR and for only 4 euros 50 cents, which I thought was very reasonable. On the negative side its a bit dark and dingy, on the second occasion we chose to sit outside in the alley area. It was better than I expected.
  • AMBIANCE 2/5
  • SERVICE 4/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 11/20
Beershine  (850) The Sunshine State, Florida | August 25, 2007| Updated June 11, 2009
I have mixed feelings about this place. It’s got a great selection on the menu but they are often out of stuff. On closer inspection the selection is geared for people who are more into style than substance. If already drunk, I think it’s a great fun place with lots of 20-something drunks, and loud, and easy to meet people. Otherwise it can be a horrible bar with an encyclopedic beer menu: what to do? Brussels has much better beer bars. The selection at the Delerium might be large, but it’s not necessarily top notch. Lots of mediocrity is on the list to boost stats and sales. It’s a place to get drunk. It’s not the most thoughtful selection and for better or worse is like a campus watering hole. Can be fun or annoying depending on the mood. Other, more genuine beer bars have selections that are much better in terms of sheer quality and more chill. That about sums up the Delirium Cafe: quantity, not quality. Note, the upstairs and downstairs are different. Even when asked I could not order off of the upstairs (big) beer menu when downstairs. Also it’s in a good location near Grand Place so if only in town for a few hours not a bad place to tank up.

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