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1/9/2016Rivertowne/Millersburg OH-PA Pale Ale
12/19/2015Portside Yule Shoot Your Rye Out
12/5/2015Fat Headís Head Shrinker
12/5/2015Fat Headís Imperial Bean Me Up
11/7/2015Lagerheads Winter Mischief
10/31/2015Millersburg LOT 21 Blonde
10/28/2015Buckeye / Smuttynose / Portside Silly Pils
10/28/2015Fat Headís / Green Flash / Cornerstone Three Badgered Brewers
10/26/2015Platform Speed Merchant
10/24/2015Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
10/22/2015Millersburg French Ridge IPA
9/19/2015Fat Headís Hop Fro
7/25/2015Portside 216 Dry Hopped Session Ale
6/27/2015Jackie Oís Matriarch
6/18/2015The Brew Kettle Awesome IPL
5/24/2015Platform New Cleveland Palesner
5/23/2015Great Lakes Alberta Clipper
5/22/2015Sweetwater Dank Tank 420 IPA
5/9/2015Rochester Mills Milkshake Stout (Peanut Brittle)
5/4/2015The Brew Kettle All For One Session IPA
4/25/2015Great Lakes Truth, Justice And The American Ale
4/15/2015Great Lakes High Striker Single
4/13/2015Great Lakes Lawn Seat KŲlsch
3/28/2015Millersburg Docís Scotch Ale
3/8/2015Bells Planet Series: Jupiter - The Bringer Of Jollity
2/28/2015Camerons Rye Pale Ale
2/7/2015Goose Island The Ogden