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10/18/2015Stoudts Scarlet Lady Ale ESB - Rum
9/22/2015Stoudts Gold Lager
8/12/2015Stoudts Rye Porter
8/12/2015Stoudts Imperial Schwarzbier
7/4/2015Stoudts Smooth Hoperator
6/13/2015Stoudts Old Abominable
4/19/2015Stoudts Belsnickel Lager
3/8/2015Stoudts Pils
11/25/2014Stoudts Fat Dog Stout (Vintages 2004 and later)
11/7/2014Stoudts Triple
11/1/2014Stoudt’s Multiple Personality Disorder
11/1/2014Stoudts McGillin’s 1860 IPA
11/1/2014Stoudts Four Play IPA Batch #4