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3/24/2014Sweetwater Tavern Midnight Rider Black IPA
3/24/2014Sweetwater Tavern Buffalo Tooth Old Ale
3/24/2014Sweetwater Tavern Red Tape Ale
3/14/2014Sweetwater Tavern High Desert Imperial Stout
2/25/2014Sweetwater Tavern Last Chance Lager
12/23/2013Sweetwater Tavern Happy Trails Christmas Ale
12/2/2013Sweetwater Tavern Naked River Low Carb Light
12/2/2013Sweetwater Tavern Gold Rush Ale
12/2/2013Sweetwater Tavern Kokopelli India Pale Ale
12/2/2013Sweetwater Tavern Wits End
12/2/2013Sweetwater Tavern Great American Pale Ale
11/18/2013Sweetwater Tavern Ghost Town Pumpkin Ale
11/18/2013Sweetwater Tavern Helles out of Dodge Lager
11/18/2013Sweetwater Tavern Bishops Pass Ale