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6/7/2014Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA
6/7/2014Founders Rbus
6/6/2014Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster Double IPA
4/12/2014Bells Expedition Stout
12/28/2013Odd Side Ales Black Citra Not So Pale Ale
11/29/2013Goose Island Sixth Day
11/29/2013Great Lakes Christmas Ale
11/29/2013New Belgium Accumulation
11/28/2013Bells Java Stout
11/27/2013Bells Cherry Stout
10/8/2013Greenbush Demeter
8/24/2013Bells Kalamazoo Stout
8/16/2013New Belgium Rampant Imperial IPA
8/15/2013Victory Yakima Glory
8/15/2013Great Lakes Oktoberfest
8/14/2013Great Lakes Silver & Gold IPL
8/11/2013New Holland Ichabod
7/23/2013Southern Tier Imperial Oat
7/21/2013Bells Two Hearted Ale
7/21/2013Arcadia B-Craft Black Double IPA
7/16/2013Great Lakes The Wright Pils
7/13/2013Greenbush Brother Benjamin
7/7/2013Arcadia Sky High Rye