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9/29/2014Southern Atonement Rye IPA
8/10/2014Southern Toothless Brasser Irish Red Ale
7/28/2014Southern Bungalow Weisse Passion Fruit
7/28/2014Southern Bungalow Weisse
6/28/2014Southern Abbots Belgian Quad
6/28/2014Southern Kolsch
6/27/2014Southern Oliverís Gruel Stout
6/27/2014Southern Heights Brown Ale
6/27/2014Southern Fragmented Porter
6/27/2014Southern Hopburst Pale Ale
5/28/2014Southern BA Moonraker Impy Stout (Blackberries, Cacao & Vanilla)
5/28/2014Southern Barrel Aged Moonraker Imperial Stout (Cacao & Vanilla)
5/28/2014Southern Barrel Aged Moonraker Imperial Stout
5/28/2014Southern West Side IPA
5/17/2014Southern Raised Bungalow
5/15/2014Southern Jalapeno Lime Cilantro Bungalow Weisse
5/15/2014Southern Raised Bungalow - Strawberry/Rhubarb
5/9/2014Southern Bungalow Weisse Watermelon
4/11/2014Southern Prohibition Pilsner
4/11/2014Southern Lip Service IPA
4/8/2014Southern Kellyís Belgian Wit
4/8/2014Southern Saison Le Chiffre with Brett
2/20/2014Southern Bungalow Weisse Prickly Pear and Starfruit
2/20/2014Southern Bungalow Weisse Strawberry