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7/5/2015Hair of the Dog Adam From the Wood - Rye Whiskey
7/5/2015Hair of the Dog Lila
7/2/2015Hair of the Dog Dave
7/2/2015Hair of the Dog / Dieu du Ciel Oatmeal Stout
7/2/2015Hair of the Dog Otto from the Wood
7/2/2015Hair of the Dog XXXX Mild
7/2/2015Hair of the Dog Beer Week
6/27/2015Hair of the Dog / Siren Half Mast
6/24/2015Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam from the Wood
6/22/2015Hair of the Dog Beer Week - Grand Cru
6/16/2015Hair of the Dog Fred from the Wood
6/12/2015Hair of the Dog 1931 Ushers Brown Ale
6/6/2015Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred from the Wood
6/5/2015Hair of the Dog Tomodachi Blonde
5/17/2015Hair of the Dog Michael 2012 (Pinot Barrel)
5/17/2015Hair of the Dog Michael
5/17/2015Hair of the Dog Matt
5/17/2015Deschutes Conflux No. 1 - Collage
5/17/2015Hair of the Dog Adam from the Wood
5/17/2015Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws (2003-)
5/17/2015Hair of the Dog Fred
5/9/2015Hair of the Dog Pannepooch Reserva
5/8/2015Sixpoint Barrel Aged Signal Smoked IPA
5/8/2015Ecliptic / Stone White Asteroid
5/8/2015Crooked Stave Nightmare on Brett (Port)
5/8/201510 Barrel Peanut Butter Imperial Porter
5/8/201510 Barrel Russian Imperial Stout with Raspberry Sour
5/7/2015Upright Small World Saison
5/7/2015Bear Republic Fredalicious Pinot Tart
5/7/2015Three Floyds Topless Wytch
5/7/2015Hair of the Dog Lila Tov
5/7/2015Chuckanut Kolsch German Ale
5/7/2015The Bruery Freckle
5/2/2015Hair of the Dog Beer Week - Brandy
4/29/2015Hair Of The Dog / Rooie Dop Utrecht Strong Ale
4/29/2015Hair of the Dog 1839 Reidís Bitter Pale Ale
4/29/2015Hair of the Dog Otto Noir
4/22/2015Hair of the Dog Bourbon Matt
4/22/2015Hair of the Dog Flemish Fred
4/18/2015Hair of the Dog Little Dog Light
4/18/2015Hair of the Dog Little Dog From The Wood
4/17/2015Hair of the Dog Double Cherry Adam
4/9/2015Hair of the Dog 1860 Truman XXX-Cask
4/6/2015Hair of the Dog Greg
3/25/2015Hair of the Dog Cherry Michael
3/6/2015Hair of the Dog Adam
2/15/2015Hair of the Dog Pannepeuch
2/1/2015Hair of the Dog Adam From the Wood - Single Malt
1/28/2015Hair of the Dog Blue Dot Double IPA
1/7/2015Hair of the Dog Peach Fred
12/30/2014Hair of the Dog Rose Cassis
11/12/2014Hair of the Dog Ruth
8/9/2014Hair of the Dog Cherry Lila
8/2/2014Hair of the Dog Brandy Fred from the Wood
7/27/2014De Molen Hemel & Aarde (Bourbon BA)
7/27/2014De Molen / Tired Hands Lost & Found
7/27/2014De Molen Lief & Leed
7/9/2014Hair of the Dog Brandy Cherry Fred
7/8/2014Hair of the Dog Apricot Fred