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9/19/2016Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere
9/19/2016DAB Dark Beer
9/16/2016Mill Street Imperial Ginger Cat
9/16/2016Lake of Bays Wild North Pumpkin
9/12/2016Amager / 18th Street Lawrence of Arabica
9/7/2016Wellington Against The Currant
9/6/2016Beaus Return of the Mumme
9/6/2016Beaus Farm Table: Vienna-style Lager
9/6/2016Beaus Ginger Wolf
9/6/2016Magnotta Small Batch Cider
9/4/2016Beaus One Ping Only
8/14/2016Unibroue Éphémère Bleuet (Blueberry)
8/12/2016Turning Point Apple Cider
8/11/2016Lake of Bays Top Shelf NHL Alumni Vienna Lager
8/9/2016Great Lakes Brewery Canuck Pale Ale
8/1/2016Big Rig The Salute
8/1/2016Le Père Jules Brut
7/31/2016St. Louis Fond Tradition Kriek Lambic
7/29/2016Boulevard Smokestack Series: The Calling IPA
7/29/2016Freigeist Abraxxxas Pear Lichtenhainer
7/23/2016Camerons One-Eyed Grouse
7/22/2016Camerons 12 Mile India Pale Lager
7/18/2016Block Three Beauty And The Belgian
7/18/2016Black Creek Apricot Ale
7/17/2016Royal City Hibiscus Saison
7/17/2016Big Rig Hoppin Maibock
7/17/2016Molson John H.R. Molson & Bros 1908
7/16/2016Black Bellows White
7/16/2016Amsterdam 3 Speed
7/16/2016Walkerville Waterfront Wit
7/16/2016Junction Craft Tracklayer Kolsch
7/15/2016Innocente Waterloo 1815
7/15/2016Collective Arts Hefeweizen
7/15/2016Collective Arts Gose
7/14/2016Liberty Village 504 Pale Ale
7/14/2016Innis & Gunn Fired Oak Scotch Ale
7/13/2016Cowbell Absent Landlord
7/13/2016Collective Arts Papaya Saison
7/12/2016Local 7 West Coast Session Lager
7/10/2016Nickel Brook Half Bastard
7/9/2016Beaus Buenos Dias
7/8/2016Double Trouble Grow A Pear
7/5/2016Innis & Gunn Vintage
7/2/2016Grand River Red Tail
6/15/2016Muskoka Oak-Aged Cream Ale
6/15/2016Ernest Cider Ernest Dry
6/14/2016Nickel Brook Uber Berliner Weisse (Raspberry)
6/13/2016Molson Canadian Cider Pear
6/11/2016Molson Canadian Cider Stone Fruit
6/4/2016Muskoka Kirby’s Kölsch
6/4/2016Hockley Valley Classic Lager
6/3/2016Benediktiner Original / Hell
6/2/2016Hop City Polly Want A Pilsner
5/31/2016Walkerville Easy Stout
5/30/2016Innocente Charcoal Porter
5/27/2016Mill Street Belgian Cassis
5/26/2016Mill Street Belgian Pale Ale
5/25/2016Sleeman Railside Session Ale
5/25/2016Strongbow Ginger
5/25/2016Lake of Bays Summer Session Ale
5/23/2016Viven Porter
5/23/2016Beaus Farm Table: Patersbier
5/23/2016Moosehead [Radler] Beer + Juice
5/23/2016Walkerville Honest Lager
5/22/2016Woodhouse Lager
5/22/2016County Pear Cider
5/22/2016Innis & Gunn Bourbon Pale Ale
5/22/2016Royal City Smoked Honey Ale
5/22/2016Forked River Red Coat
5/21/2016Okunomatsu Formula Nippon "FN" Sparkling Sake
5/21/2016Refined Fool Pouch Envy
5/21/2016Amsterdam Starke Pils
5/21/2016Forked River Capital Blonde Ale
5/20/2016St-Feuillien Triple
5/20/2016Lost Craft Revivale
5/20/2016Innocente Bystander
5/20/2016Bell City Lenoir Belgian Ale
5/18/2016Wellington Kickin’ Back Dry Hopped Session Ale
5/18/2016Redline Clutch
5/16/2016Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen
5/8/2016Granville Island Two Tides India Session Ale
5/8/2016Beaus Golden Vox
5/7/201610 Barrel Road 41 Kölsch
5/7/2016Georgian Hills Bartlett Frozen to the Core
5/6/2016Mill Street West Coast IPA
5/3/2016Creemore Springs Kölsch Style Ale
5/3/2016Central City Hopping Mad Cider Radler
5/1/2016Old Tomorrow Track 85 Lagered Ale
5/1/2016Stella Artois Cidre
5/1/2016Pabst Blue Ribbon Dry
4/24/2016Lake of Bays Stamp Hammer
4/24/2016Southpaw Heroes
4/24/2016Central City Red Racer Imperial IPA (Red Betty)
4/18/2016Amsterdam Farmhouse Series Homegrown Saison
4/17/2016Great Lakes Brewery Octopus Wants to Fight IPA
4/17/2016Goose Island Endless IPA
4/11/2016Mill Street Madawaska Maple
4/8/2016Mill Street Don Valley Bench Estate
4/8/2016Mill Street Big League IPA
3/19/2016Glutenberg Blonde
2/21/2016Camerons Dry Hopped Triple
2/13/2016Trafalgar Norfolk County Baked Apple Mead
2/8/2016Rodenbach Vintage
1/22/2016Åbro Bryggmästarens Premium Gold
1/15/2016Driftwood Fat Tug IPA
12/28/2015Black Creek Benson’s Strong Ale
12/14/2015Beaus New Lang Syne
12/12/2015Beaus Farm Table: 80 Schilling
12/5/2015Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2015
12/3/2015Old Tomorrow Monty’s Golden Ryed Ale
11/28/2015Mill Street Scotch Ale
11/28/2015Sleeman Dark Chocolate Lager
11/19/2015Hakutsuru Sho-un Junmai Daiginjo Sake
11/16/2015Löwenbräu Radler
11/14/2015Takatenjin (Sword of the Sun) Tokubetsu Honjozo Sake
11/13/2015Central City Red Racer Gingerhead Gingerbread Stout
11/12/2015Innis & Gunn Bourbon Cask Dark Ale
11/8/2015Brick Waterloo Roggenbier
11/7/2015Mongozo Premium Pilsener
11/6/2015Hogtown Brewers Hogtown Ale
10/26/2015Alpine Lager
10/17/2015Unibroue Éphémère Poire
10/8/2015Trafalgar Fresh Hop Harvest
10/5/2015Molson Old Style Pilsner
9/27/2015Brasserie des Quatre Lunes Belgian Brune
9/20/2015Creemore Springs Lot 9 Pilsner
9/16/2015Waterloo Lemonade Radler
9/15/2015Rickards Radler Grapefruit
9/15/2015Sleeman Lift
9/15/2015Beaus Haters Gonna Hate
9/15/2015Beaus Weiss O’Lantern
9/11/2015Beaus Bog Hopper
9/11/2015Beaus And Boom Gose The Dynamite
9/11/2015Strongbow Gold
9/6/2015Flying Monkeys Acadian Groove
9/5/2015Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer
9/4/2015Wychwood Ginger Beard (Bottle)
9/3/2015Ommegang Game of Thrones #5 - Three-Eyed Raven
9/2/2015Kichesippi Radler
9/2/2015Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale
9/1/2015Wychwood Hobgoblin Gold (Bottle)