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9/6/2014Ashley Down Lux Wheat
9/2/2014Arbor M Bomb II
8/19/2014Purity Saddle Black (Cask & Keg)
8/14/2014Wiper and True Quintet
8/13/2014Wiper and True Australia Pale Ale
7/24/2014Cheddar Summer Pale Ale
7/11/2014Founders All Day IPA
7/11/2014Wiper and True India Pale Ale Sorachi Ace
6/27/2014Duvel Tripel Hop 2014 (Mosaic)
6/27/2014Beavertown Neck Oil (2013- )
6/24/2014Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody’s Glorious IPA
6/12/2014Bristol Beer Factory UNLIMITED Double IPA
6/4/2014Weird Beard Fade to Black - Coconut
5/31/2014Schneider Weisse Alkoholfrei
5/29/2014Wiper and True Stout Phoenix
5/27/2014Wiper and True India Pale Ale Australia
5/24/2014Kingstone Abbey Ale
5/23/2014Celt Experience / Master of Hoppets Danish Monster
5/23/2014Ashley Down Columbia
5/22/2014Beavertown 8 Ball
5/21/2014Beavertown Gamma Ray
5/13/2014Wiper and True Pale Ale Amarillo
5/8/2014Weird Beard Mariana Trench
5/7/2014Rose Brew Chocolate Stout
5/6/2014Arbor FF #30 Brown Beer Damnit
5/6/2014Moor Illusion
5/5/2014Bath Rare Hare
5/3/2014Siren Broken Dream (Jack Daniels Barrel Aged)
5/3/2014Rocket Science Callisto
5/2/2014Siren / Cigar City Caribbean Chocolate Cake
4/19/2014Wiper and True India Pale Ale Mosaic
4/13/2014Wiper and True India Pale Ale Family Tree
4/12/2014Cromarty Red Rocker
4/10/2014Box Steam Funnel Blower
4/8/2014Stroud Big Cat
4/8/2014Kubla Rock:Saison
4/8/2014Kubla Rise:Pale Ale
4/2/2014Weird Beard Decadence Stout
3/28/2014Siren Liquid Mistress
3/27/2014Cromarty Brewed Awakening
3/27/2014Siren 7 Seas
3/25/2014Gloucester Galaxy
3/24/2014Radnorshire Four Stones
3/22/2014Cromarty Hop Your Cherry
3/20/2014Arbor / Wiper and True Fire Plough
3/19/2014La Chouffe
3/13/2014Wiper and True Stout Milk Shake
3/7/2014Bath Barnsey
3/5/2014Williams Brothers Midnight Sun (Bottle)
3/5/2014Bad Seed Saison
3/3/2014Radnorshire Mixen Black
2/28/2014Celt Experience Celt Silures
2/28/2014Beerd Mantis
2/28/2014Heather Ales Ebulum
2/26/2014Celt Experience / RealAleToday Continental Drift
2/22/2014Mongozo Premium Pilsener
2/21/2014Kaiserdom German Dark Lager
2/21/2014Pauwel Kwak
2/21/2014Schneider Weisse Original
2/19/2014Celt Experience Ogham Oak
2/15/2014Schloss Eggenberg Samichlaus Classic
2/14/2014Radnorshire Whimble Gold
2/11/2014New Bristol Super Deluxe Stout
2/8/2014Radnorshire Smatcher Tawny
2/6/2014Bristol Beer Factory Ultimate Stout
2/5/2014Gloucester / Wiper & True Black Simcoe
2/5/2014Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Bottle/Can)
1/29/2014Radnorshire Water-Break-Its-Neck
1/28/2014Tempest Red Eye Flight
1/28/2014Tempest Brave New World
1/22/2014Celt Experience Ogham Willow
1/11/2014Bristol Beer Factory Southville Hop
1/10/2014Arbor FF #42 Saisonal (colab with Wiper & True)
1/8/2014Gloucester Dr Foster’s Puddle and Spice
1/6/2014Celt Experience Celt La Téne
1/3/2014Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody’s Country Ale
1/3/2014Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody’s Wholesome Stout
12/28/2013Moor Fusion 2013
12/28/2013Celt Experience Celt Dark Age
12/26/2013Celt Experience / Melissa Cole Apparition IPA
12/25/2013Moor Smokey Horyzon
12/25/2013Hurlimann Samichlaus
12/22/2013Moor Old Freddy Walker
12/19/2013Quantock Rocking Robin
12/19/2013Westmalle Tripel
12/18/2013Moor Amoor
12/17/2013Celt Experience / Saint-Germain Page 24 ’613 Années’
12/13/2013Brooklyn Winter Ale (2006 and Later)
12/12/2013Wiper and True Pale Ale The Summer
12/12/2013Gloucester Dockside Dark
12/12/2013Ale Syndicate / Atlas / Celt Experience Seven Flowers
12/10/2013Wiper And True Amber Ale Winter Rye
12/9/2013Heather Ales Kelpie
12/6/2013Hapax Jingle Porter
12/4/2013Ashley DownDecember
11/28/2013Gloucester 01 Cascade
11/25/2013Box Steam Dark & Handsome
11/25/2013Kingstone Humpty’s Fuddle
11/22/2013Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
11/21/2013Ashley Down Remedy
11/21/2013Ashley Down Plum Porter
11/19/2013Hapax Brew Co. ’H’ Weiss Beer
11/16/2013Towles For Whom the Bell
11/16/2013Celt Experience / Otley Barbarians Beverage
11/15/2013Celt Experience Celt Bleddyn 1075
11/15/2013Wiper and True Porter - In The Forest
11/10/2013Towles Ma Beese’s Chocolate Stout
11/8/2013Black Wolf Glencoe
11/8/2013Goose Island India Pale Ale
11/7/2013Thornbridge Jaipur
11/7/2013Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout
11/6/2013Celt Experience Ogham Ash
11/4/2013Flying Dog Raging Bitch
11/3/2013Jever Pilsener
11/1/2013Cheddar Festive Totty
10/31/2013Cheddar Totty Pot
10/31/2013Moor Radiance
10/25/2013Moor Fusion 2012
10/24/2013Westmalle Dubbel
10/24/2013Chimay Triple / Blanche (White) / Cinq Cents
10/22/2013Redwillow Faithless XXV
10/22/2013Moor Claudia
10/21/2013Bristol Beer Factory Bristol Hefe
10/21/2013Moor Hoppiness
10/21/2013Ashley Down Stokes Croft IPA
10/20/2013Wiper and True / Gloucester Black IPA