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7/5/2015Upright Blend Love
6/29/2015Upright Sole Composition: Pinot Barrel-Aged Four
6/29/2015Upright Sole Composition: Barleywine (2015)
6/29/2015Upright Blueberry Stout
6/29/2015Upright Four Play
6/29/2015Upright Engelberg Pilsener
6/23/2015Upright Sole Composition: Barleywine (Eastside Distilling Barrel-Aged)
6/23/2015Upright Sole Composition: Barleywine (Big Bottom Barrel-Aged)
6/23/2015Upright Pinot Barrel aged Four with Yarrow and Rose Petal
6/21/2015Upright Five (#5)
6/21/2015Upright Sole Composition: Barleywine (Bull Run Barrel-Aged)
6/20/2015Upright Sole Composition: Late Harvest (Single Syrah Cask)
5/23/2015Upright Sole Composition: Barrel-Aged Seven Blend
5/23/2015Upright Sole Composition: Apricot Seven
5/18/2015Upright Red Wing Lager
5/18/2015Upright Six (#6)
5/18/2015Upright Four (#4)
5/10/2015Upright Anniversary Saison
5/10/2015Upright Gose
5/10/2015Upright Smeirlap!
5/10/2015Upright Seven (#7)
3/31/2015Upright Flora Rustica
3/31/2015Upright Saison Ørsted
3/21/2015Upright Oyster Stout
3/21/2015Upright Fantasia
3/15/2015Upright Belgian Blonde
3/4/2015Upright Sole Composition: Saison du Blodget
2/28/2015Upright Small World Saison
2/8/2015Upright Roggenbier
2/8/2015Upright Urban Farmhouse Ale
11/29/2014Upright Spollen Angel
11/29/2014Upright Winter Stout
11/20/2014Upright Smoked Oktoberfest
11/18/2014Upright Copper & Theory Fifth Anniversary Farmhouse Ale
11/18/2014Upright Sole Composition: NecTørr
11/16/2014Upright Coffee Stout (Barrel Aged)
11/1/2014Upright Todo Modo
10/20/2014Upright Brooks Blend
10/20/2014Upright Lite
9/25/2014Upright Boom Biddy Bine Bine
9/25/2014Upright Barrel Konducta Vol. 1
8/31/2014Upright Sole Composition: Pinot Cherry Four
8/25/2014Upright Late Harvest (Batch 3+)
8/23/2014Upright Flora Rustica (Barrel Aged)