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12/21/2014Lakefront Hop Trial 17
12/19/2014Lakefront Fuel Cafe
11/22/2014Lakefront Organic ESB
10/29/2014Lakefront Wisconsinite Summer Weiss
8/21/2014Lakefront Extended Play India Session Ale
8/21/2014Lakefront Beer Hall Wheat
8/21/2014Lakefront IPA
8/21/2014Lakefront New Grist Sorghum Beer
8/21/2014Lakefront Eastside Dark
8/21/2014Lakefront Fixed Gear
8/21/2014Lakefront Riverwest Stein
8/8/2014Lakefront Rendezvous Ale
7/22/2014Lakefront White Beer
7/13/2014Lakefront Hop Trial 16
7/12/2014Nick and Andi
6/21/2014Lakefront My Turn #007: John (Dark Lager with Cherries)
4/24/2014Lakefront Klisch Pilsner
4/24/2014Lakefront Cream City Pale Ale
3/30/2014Lakefront Beer Line Barley Wine (2014-)
3/30/2014Lakefront Wheat Monkey
3/14/2014Lakefront 25th Anniversary Series #03: Imperial Pumpkin (2013)