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5/25/2015Pelican Red Lantern IPA
5/3/2015Pelican Tsunami Stout (Dry Fly Whiskey Barrel-Aged)
5/3/2015Pelican MacPelicans Scottish Style Ale
5/3/2015Pelican Kiwanda Cream Ale
4/4/2015Pelican Umbrella
2/1/2015Pelican Silverspot IPA
12/24/2014Pelican Anglers Amber Ale
9/26/2014Pelican The Governor
9/24/2014Pelican Elemental Ale (2006+)
8/3/2014Red Rock / Pelican CoHOPeration India Rye Lager
8/2/2014Pelican Surfers Summer Ale
7/15/2014Pelican Grand Cru de Pelican
7/10/2014Pelican Hyster
7/10/2014Pelican Haystack Belgian Pale Ale
7/10/2014Pelican Seahops Pale Ale
6/29/2014Pelican Dorymans Dark Ale