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2/16/2014New Holland Pilgrim’s Dole Bourbon Barrel Wheatwine Ale
10/6/2013Bells Expedition Stout
10/4/2013Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin (Pugsley’s Signature Series)
9/27/2013Greenbush Unicorn Killer
8/12/2013Great Divide Old Ruffian
8/7/2013Timmermans Pumpkin Lambicus
7/7/2013Tröegs Flying Mouflan
7/7/2013Upland Ard Ri
6/29/2013Three Floyds Rye Da Tiger
6/25/2013R.J. Rockers Black Perle
6/15/2013Finch’s Pig in the Wood
5/29/2013Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA
5/29/2013Dark Horse Edacsac Dekoorc Eert
5/29/2013Dark Horse F.F. Dekoorc Eert
5/29/2013Dark Horse Artic Dekoorc Eert
5/29/2013Fat Heads Bumbleberry Honey Blueberry Ale
5/20/2013Lindemans Faro
5/13/2013Cains Dark Mild (Keg/Can)
5/13/2013Cains Finest Bitter (Can/Keg)
5/12/2013Ellezelloise Hercule Stout
4/24/2013O’Dempsey’s Your Black Heart
4/18/2013Two Brothers Revelry Imperial Red Ale
4/15/2013Two Brothers Northwind Imperial Stout
4/14/2013Back Road Ale
4/6/2013Great Lakes Chillwave Double IPA