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8/24/20143 Stars Winter Madness (Red Wine)
8/10/20143 Stars Barrel 1 Keg 1
8/9/20143 Stars Southern Belle
8/9/20143 Stars Phoenix Rye Saison
8/9/20143 Stars Peppercorn Saison
8/9/20143 Stars Pandemic Breakfast Porter
8/9/20143 Stars / Meridian Pint From Russia with Love (Cherry Wood)
8/9/20143 Stars Two To The Dome
8/9/20143 Stars Citra & Lemon Peel Saison
8/9/20143 Stars Barrel Aged Winter Madness
8/9/20143 Stars Green Eyed Devil
8/9/20143 Stars / Oxbow Danny Greene
8/9/20143 Stars The Samsquanch
6/25/2014Goose Island Class of ’88 Belgian Style Ale
5/28/2014Long Trail Brown Bag Series #10 Berliner Weisse
5/28/2014Lagunitas NightTime Ale
5/28/2014Franklins Psychedelic Smokehouse
5/28/2014Baxter Tarnation California-Style Lager
5/28/2014Baxter Summer Swelter Ale
5/28/2014Founders Barrel Aged Red’s Rye
5/21/2014Olivers Tres Brujas (3 Witches)
5/21/2014Firestone Walker 16 (XVI Sixteenth Anniversary Ale)
5/21/2014Victory Donnybrook Stout
5/21/2014DC Brau The Everyday Junglist
5/21/2014Monocacy Riot Rye
5/13/2014The Bruery Rueuze
5/13/2014The Bruery Oude Tart
5/13/2014Union Craft Old Pro Gose
5/12/2014The Bruery Tart of Darkness
5/3/2014Mad Fox Snowquester
4/16/2014DC Brau Heurich’s Lager (Catoctin Creek Rye Whiskey & Maple)
4/16/2014DC Brau On the Wings of Armageddon (Fresh Habanero)
4/16/2014DC Brau / Capital Kombucha Kombucha Beer
2/20/2014DC Brau Solar Abyss
2/15/2014Samuel Adams The Sphinx
2/15/2014Lost Rhino The Birth of Ace
2/15/2014Lost Rhino Tmavy
2/15/2014Samuel Adams Imperial Series Imperial Stout
2/15/2014Franklins / DC Homebrewers The Sugar Act
2/15/2014Monocacy / Meridian Pint Long Road To Helles
2/15/20143 Stars / Meridian Pint From Russia with Love
2/12/2014Brewers Art La Petroleuse
2/12/2014Brewers Art St. Festivus
2/12/2014Brewers Art Birdhouse Ale
2/12/2014Brewers Art Ozzy
2/12/2014Lost Rhino / Meridian Pint Meridian (Don’t Forget the Umlaut) Kölsch
1/31/2014Port City COLOSSAL THREE
12/23/2013DC Brau 9th Gate
12/8/2013Flying Dog / Evolution Craft Natural Selection Ale: Genus 3
12/8/2013Sly Fox Helles Golden Lager
12/8/2013DC Brau / Right Proper Bęte Noire
12/8/2013Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities: Vineyard Blonde
12/8/2013Goose Island Bourbon County Barleywine
11/16/2013Union Craft Double Duckpin
11/16/2013Union Craft Black Market Baby
11/16/2013RavenBeer Tell Tale Hearty Ale
11/16/2013Lost Rhino Dawn Patrol
10/16/2013Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Confusion
10/12/2013Union Craft Chessie Barleywine
10/12/2013Olivers Meridian #5 (French Oak Red Wine Barrel)
10/12/2013Heavy Seas Cutlass Amber Lager
10/8/2013Schlafly Pumpkin Ale
10/5/2013Atlas Brew Works Gov’t Shutdown Ale
10/5/2013Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA
10/3/2013Otter Creek Oktoberfest
9/16/2013Bunker Holdfast
9/13/2013Goose Island Big John Imperial Stout
9/13/2013DC Brau / Stillwater Exquisite Corpse
9/13/2013Goose Island Lolita
9/13/2013Goose Island King Henry
9/13/2013Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Vanilla
9/13/2013Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Cherry Rye Barrel
9/12/2013Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Rare
9/3/2013Monocacy XB1
9/2/2013Distillery Lane Ciderworks Kingston Black Sparkling
9/2/2013Anthem Hops
9/2/2013Atlas Brew Works Rowdy
9/2/2013Atlas Brew Works District Common
9/2/2013Millstone Cellars Winesap Cider
8/31/2013Jester King Salt Lick (Censored)
8/31/2013Brewers Art / Meridian Pint Stoop AKA Parking Lot
8/31/2013Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Belgian Black IPA
8/31/2013DC Brau Heurich’s Lager
8/15/2013Pretty Things Lovely Saint Winefride
8/15/2013Oxbow Freestyle No. 16 (Amber Saison)
8/15/2013Oxbow Funkhouse Pale Ale (Funkhaus)
8/15/2013Allagash / De Molen Smoke & Beards
8/15/2013Allagash Fluxus 2013
8/15/2013Allagash Fluxus 2012
8/15/2013Oxbow / Stillwater Original Deluxe
8/15/2013Oxbow / Coppertail Grizacca
8/15/2013Rising Tide SuSpence
8/13/2013Allagash Midnight Brett
8/13/2013Allagash Avancé
8/13/2013Allagash Confluence Ale
8/13/2013Allagash Golden Brett
8/13/2013Cidre Dupont Réserve
8/13/2013Distillery Lane Ciderworks Celebration Cider
8/13/2013Millstone Cellars Blossom Cider