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10/20/2014Cantillon Mamouche
10/20/2014AleSmith Old Numbskull (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
10/20/2014Nebraska Reserve Series Sexy Betty
10/14/2014Rodenburg Bronckhorster Midnight Porter
10/12/2014Crux Crystal Zwickle
10/5/2014No-Li Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout
9/30/2014The Ale Apothecary La Tache
9/29/2014Long Paul’s Porter (Pinot Barrel Aged)
9/28/2014Russian River Temptation
9/28/2014Elysian Punkuccino Coffee Pumpkin Ale
9/28/2014Midnight Sun 2010 Pop Ten: Barfly
9/28/2014Upright Boom Biddy Bine Bine
9/27/2014New Belgium Hop Kitchen #7 - Hop The Pond
9/23/201410 Barrel / Bluejacket / Stone Suede Imperial Porter
9/8/2014Breakside Ales for ALS Double IPA
9/8/2014Coronado 18th Anniversary Imperial IPA
9/8/2014Fort George / Block 15 / Boneyard 3-Way IPA
9/8/2014Upright Sole Composition: Lactovasilios
9/8/2014Lost Coast 25th Silver Anniversary Belgian Ale
9/7/2014Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America West Coast Double IPA
9/6/2014He’Brew Jewbelation Reborn
9/1/2014Silver Moon Hop Nob IPA
8/31/2014Elysian Dayglow IPA
8/31/2014Lompoc Pamplemousse Citrus IPA
8/30/2014Mission Shipwrecked Double IPA
8/26/2014Crux Belgian Gale (Belgo Gale)
8/22/2014Mazama Hop Eruption
8/19/2014Crux Off Leash NW Session Ale
8/19/2014Base Camp Saison de Chetco
8/18/2014Gilgamesh Vader Black IPA
8/17/2014Gigantic Most Premium Russian Imperial Stout
8/17/2014Logsdon The Conversion
8/15/2014AleSmith IPA
8/14/2014Trinity / Black Bottle Blow Up Your TV
8/11/2014Cascade Vlad the Imp Aler
8/11/2014Stillwater Gose Gone Wild
8/4/2014Flat Tail Seriously Low Budget Double IPA
8/3/2014Flat Tail 3rd (Third) Anniversary Ale
7/31/2014Logsdon Straffe Drieling Tripel
7/31/2014Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier
7/30/2014Dogfish Head Rosabi
7/30/2014Fort George / Gigantic / Lompoc 3-Way IPA
7/28/2014Moylans Moylander Double IPA with Muscat Juice
7/28/2014The Commons / De Garde Ortucky Common
7/28/2014Trinity Farmhouse #40 (Three Flowers Saison)
7/27/2014Flat Tail Humulus Nocta
7/27/2014Struise Pannepot
7/25/2014Gigantic Ginormous
7/25/2014Gigantic IPL
7/25/2014Two Kilts IPA
7/25/2014Airways Seat Kicker IPA
7/25/2014Silver Moon Voodoo Dog
7/25/2014Gigantic Volta
7/25/2014Pelican The Governor
7/24/2014Gilgamesh Mega Monster
7/23/2014Anchor Zymaster Series No. 6 Saaremaa Island Ale
7/15/2014Full Sail Black Gold Imperial Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged
7/15/2014Solera Pêche Bier
7/6/2014Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPA
7/6/2014Evil Twin Falco IPA
7/5/2014Midnight Sun Second Hand Smoke
7/4/2014Crooked Fence Exiled Series 5 of 6: Risen Rye Stout
7/4/2014Goose Island The Illinois
7/4/2014Epic Escape To Colorado IPA
7/4/2014Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA
7/3/2014De Dolle Arabier
7/3/2014Midnight Sun Moscow
7/3/2014Crux Impasse Saison
7/2/2014Andechser Vollbier Hell
6/29/2014Moylans Nor Cal IPA
6/23/2014Green Flash East Village Pilsner
6/21/2014Klamath Basin Defiance Double IPA
6/21/2014Firestone Walker Stickee Monkee
6/21/2014Baerlic Noble Stout
6/21/2014Keri Kelli / Kyle Hollingsworth / Stone Collective Distortion IPA
6/21/2014Monkey Paw I-5 Black IPA With Coconut & Himalayan Pink Salt
6/21/2014Breakside Passionfruit Sour Ale
6/20/2014Stormbreaker Mon Petite Cherimoya
6/20/2014New Belgium Hop Kitchen #6 / Odell FOCOllaboration Pale Ale
6/10/2014Barley Browns Pallet Jack IPA
6/10/2014Silver Moon Train Wreck
6/8/2014Double Mountain Devils Kriek (2011-)
6/7/2014Lambickx Kriek (Zenne Valley, Private Domain)
6/7/2014Double Mountain Tahoma Kriek
6/7/2014Upright Anniversary Saison
6/7/2014The Commons Urban Farmhouse Ale
6/2/2014Pelican Silverspot IPA
6/2/2014BridgePort Trilogy 2 Aussie Salute IPA
6/1/2014Amber Grand Imperial Porter
5/30/2014Ninkasi Total Domination IPA
5/27/2014Prairie Artisan Ales Merica
5/26/2014Pyramid H7 Imperial IPA
5/25/2014The Commons Primavera
5/25/2014Lagunitas SF Fusion: Hop High
5/24/2014Mikkeller Beer Geek BreAKfast (Alaskan Edition)
5/24/2014Bass Pale Ale (USA)
5/24/2014Evil Twin Aún Más Café Jesús
5/23/2014Deschutes Armory XPA (Extra Pale Ale)
5/23/2014Deschutes Cinder Cone Red Ale
5/22/2014Evil Twin Christmas Eve at a New York City Hotel Room (2011-)
5/20/2014Petrus Tripel
5/19/2014Deschutes Pine Mountain Pilsner
5/19/2014Spaten Optimator
5/18/2014Jopen / The Monarchy Vereinigte Historische Bierfanatiker Grodziskie
5/18/2014Baltika Razlivnoe Premium (Draft)
5/17/2014Unibroue La Terrible
5/16/2014BOSS Beer 8.1%
5/16/2014Jopen / The Monarchy Vereinigte Historische Bierfanatiker Grätzer
5/15/2014The Bruery Saison Rue
5/15/2014Evil Twin Even More Jesus
5/15/2014Mikkeller/Prairie American Style
5/12/2014Two Beers Forester Double IPA
5/12/2014Cascade Bourbonic Plague
5/11/2014Oakshire Brewer’s Reserve 6 Anniversary Ale
5/8/2014De Garde Cran Bu Weisse
5/7/2014Port Brewing Mongo IPA
5/5/2014Dieu du Ciel Péché Mortel
5/4/2014Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break
5/3/2014Barley Browns Point Blank Red (PBR)
5/3/2014Crux Outcast IPA
5/1/2014Fort George 1811 Lager
4/30/2014The Ale Apothecary Sahalie
4/27/2014The Ale Apothecary Sahati
4/25/2014Deschutes Mirror Mirror Barleywine
4/23/2014AleSmith Barrel Aged Grand Cru
4/22/2014Crux Insider
4/20/2014Central City Red Racer Imperial IPA (Red Betty)
4/19/20143 Fonteinen Oude Geuze
4/13/2014Green Flash Hop Odyssey Black IPA
4/11/2014Russian River Supplication
4/10/2014Burnside Thundarr the Bavarian
4/6/2014Golden Valley Black Panther
4/6/2014GoodLife Sweet As Pacific Ale
4/5/2014Mikkeller Yeast Series 2.0: American Ale
4/5/2014Mikkeller Yeast Series 2.0: English Ale
4/4/2014Dieu du Ciel Grande Noirceur
4/4/2014Stone Imperial Russian Stout
4/3/2014De Garde Blu Bu Weisse
4/1/2014The Commons Myrtle
3/31/2014Gigantic The Future Is Now
3/31/2014Ecliptic / Stone White Asteroid
3/30/2014Fort George Suicide Squeeze IPA
3/30/2014Widmer Brothers Barrel Aged Old Embalmer
3/29/2014Lompoc C-Note
3/28/2014Trinity Ten Minutes of Pleasure
3/26/2014Heater Allen Rauch Dunkel
3/24/2014Alameda Nightbeer before Christmas
3/23/2014Pilsner Urquell
3/23/2014Elysian Men’s Room Original Red
3/21/2014Hop Valley Proxima India Pale Ale
3/20/2014Burnside IPA
3/20/2014Central City Imperial Porter
3/18/2014Anchorage A Deal With The Devil Barleywine
3/18/2014Moylans Hop Craic XXXXIPA
3/17/2014Fort George OmegaTex Triple IPA
3/17/2014Hitachino Nest Dai Dai IPA
3/17/2014Flat Tail Little Green Dry Hop Saison
3/16/2014Oakshire Barleywine 2013
3/16/201410 Barrel Apocalypse IPA
3/15/2014Deschutes Class of ’88 Imperial Smoked Porter
3/15/2014Oakshire Very Ill-Tempered Gnome
3/15/2014Ballast Point Navigator Doppelbock - Brandy Barrel Aged
3/15/2014Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Zymatore(Mourverde, Petit Syrah, Whiskey)
3/15/2014Bear Republic Double Apex
3/14/2014Flat Tail Seriously Low Budget American Barley Wine
3/14/2014Drakes Aroma Coma IPA (6.7%)
3/13/2014Hop Valley Natty Red
3/13/2014Sierra Nevada Nooner Session IPA
3/12/2014Gigantic Bang On
3/11/2014Sierra Nevada Harvest Single Hop IPA - Yakima #291
3/11/2014Lagunitas Fusion XIX: CouchTrippin’ Fusion Ale
3/10/2014Sea Dog Apricot Wheat Beer
3/9/2014Heater Allen Hugo Bock
3/7/2014Epic Barley Wine
3/7/2014Deschutes Green Monster
3/5/2014Stone Matt’s Burning Rosids Imperial Cherry Wood Smoked Saison
3/4/2014Trinity TPS Report Ale
3/4/2014Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut Break
3/4/2014Elysian Dragonstooth Stout (Barrel-aged)
3/4/2014Block 15 Love Potion #9
3/4/2014Oakshire Hellshire IV
3/2/2014The Commons Fleur de Ferme
3/2/2014Drakes Jolly Rodger (2012)
3/2/2014Hop Valley Citrus Mistress
3/2/2014Gigantic Too Much Coffee Man
3/2/2014The Commons Bourbon Little Brother
2/28/2014GoodLife Comatose Imperial IPA
2/27/2014Mikkeller/To Øl Betelgeuze
2/26/2014De Garde Faux Pas
2/23/2014Nøgne Ø / Mikkeller / Brewdog Horizon Tokyo Black
2/23/2014Oude Quetsche Tilquin à l’Ancienne
2/23/2014Barley Browns / Boneyard Allocation IIPA
2/21/2014Stone Stochasticity Project Grapefruit Slam IPA
2/21/2014Red Tank Happy Cider
2/19/2014Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout
2/18/2014Humboldt 500 BC
2/18/2014Boulder Beer Shake Chocolate Porter
2/17/2014Red Tank Sour Cherry Cider
2/16/2014Deschutes Black Butte XXIII
2/15/2014Alaskan Hopothermia Double IPA
2/15/2014Bear Republic Black Racer
2/13/2014Breakside IPA
2/12/2014Pints Admiral Hamilton’s Barleywine
2/12/2014Block 15 Printmasters Pale Ale
2/12/2014Fort George Java the Hop
2/11/2014Ayinger Bräu-Weisse
2/10/2014Mikkeller drumBAR Black Sap
2/10/2014Logsdon Wild Appel
2/9/2014Bend Ching Ching
2/7/2014Victory HopDevil
2/7/2014Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel
2/7/2014Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock
2/7/2014Deschutes Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale
2/6/2014Dicks 12th Man Pale Ale
2/6/2014Alaskan Pilot Series: Troppelbock
2/6/2014Ballast Point Longfin Lager
2/4/2014AleSmith Old Numbskull (Rye Barrel Aged)
2/2/2014Ice Harbor Hop Warrior Imperial IPA
2/2/2014AleSmith Wee Heavy Scotch Ale
2/1/2014FiftyFifty Imperial Eclipse Stout - Coffee / Java Coffee
2/1/2014Dogfish Head Kvasir
1/31/2014Crux Tough Love
1/31/2014Laht Neppur Peach Hefeweizen
1/30/2014Hopworks Belgian Tripel
1/30/2014To Øl Black Malts & Body Salts Black Coffee IIPA
1/27/2014Fort George North the Seventh (VII)
1/26/2014Pelican Tsunami Stout
1/25/2014Schneider Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock
1/24/2014Deschutes Black Butte XXIV
1/21/2014Alameda Yellow Wolves of Thailand
1/19/2014FiftyFifty Imperial Eclipse Stout - Four Roses Single Barrel
1/17/2014Harvester IPA No. 2
1/17/2014Mad River Rorschach Five (Belgian Quad)
1/17/2014Crooked Stave Vieille Artisanal
1/17/2014Jolly Pumpkin Luciernaga (The Firefly)
1/17/2014Bockor Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge
1/15/2014Crooked Fence Augustus Chocolate Black Ale
1/13/2014Sierra Nevada DevESTATEtion
1/12/2014Evil Twin Bikini Beer
1/12/2014Evil Twin Hipster Ale
1/12/2014Grassroots Arctic Soirée
1/11/2014Crooked Stave Surette Provision Saison
1/11/2014Hop Valley Festeroo
1/10/2014Stillwater Why Can’t IBU?
1/8/2014Anchorage Whiteout Wit Bier
1/7/2014Epic Imperial Stout
1/7/2014Block 15 Sticky Hands IPA #06 - Damn The Blends
1/7/2014Block 15 Framboise White
1/6/2014Green Flash Green Bullet
1/6/2014Anchorage Bitter Monk Belgian Style Double IPA
1/5/2014Firestone Walker Sucaba
1/5/2014Silly Sour
1/5/2014Base Camp Ripstop Rye Pilsner
1/4/2014Block 15 Wandelpad Belgian Pale
1/4/2014Epic Imperial Stout (Dry Hopped with Tea)
1/4/2014Santiam Occupation IPA
1/3/2014Uinta Yard Sale Winter Lager
1/2/2014Jolly Pumpkin E.S. Bam
1/2/2014Fantôme Pissenlit
1/1/2014The Bruery 6 Geese A Laying
1/1/2014Mikkeller Santas Little Helper 2012 (Barrel Aged Cognac Edition)
12/31/2013Widmer Brothers Reserve Vanilla Barrel Aged Brrrbon
12/30/2013Ballast Point Sea Monster Imperial Stout
12/30/2013De Garde Morningstar
12/30/2013Barley Browns Chaos
12/30/2013Trois Dames Winter Sour Ale
12/29/2013BridgePort Oak Aged Old Knucklehead
12/26/2013Lompoc Bourbon Barrel Aged Baltic Porter
12/23/2013Russian River Consecration
12/21/2013The Commons Madrone
12/21/2013Rinkuškiai Hell On High
12/21/2013Ecliptic Rigel Sparkling Ale
12/20/2013Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Centennial
12/20/2013Fish Tale Organic Winterfish Seasonal Ale
12/19/2013Speakeasy Erotic Cake Milk Chocolate Stout
12/16/2013Burnside Permafrost
12/16/2013Victory DirtWolf Double IPA
12/15/2013Black Diamond Bourbon Barrel Grand Cru
12/15/2013Alameda Black Bear XX Stout
12/14/2013Ecliptic Filament Winter IPA
12/14/2013Iron Horse India Pale Ale
12/14/2013Hop Valley The Wolfe
12/14/2013Green Flash / Founders Linchpin White India Pale Ale - Barrel Aged
12/12/2013Uinta Crooked Line Cahoots Double Rye IPA
12/9/2013Heater Allen Sandy Paws Baltic Porter (2010-)
12/7/2013Worthy Farm Out Saison
12/7/2013Iron Horse Double Rainbow
12/7/2013Bayern Oktoberfest
12/7/20133 Fonteinen Intense Red Oude Kriek
12/5/2013Gigantic Hellion
12/4/2013Silver City Whoop Pass Double IPA
12/2/2013Double Mountain Four Horsemen #1 - White Rider of Conquest
12/2/2013Cantillon Saint Lamvinus
11/30/2013The Commons Zoigl Bier
11/25/2013Epic Double Skull Doppelbock
11/24/2013Worthy Powder Keg Winter Ale
11/23/2013Propolis 10/13 Sahti Juniper Pale Ale
11/23/2013Barley Browns Sledwreck Winter Ale
11/23/2013Hopworks Motherland
11/20/2013Portland Brewing Royal Anne
11/18/2013Anchorage The Tide and Its Takers Triple
11/18/2013Anchorage Love Buzz Saison
11/18/2013Anchorage Galaxy White IPA
11/18/2013Grassroots Arctic Saison
11/17/2013Ommegang Game Of Thrones #2 - Take the Black Stout
11/16/2013Guinness Red Harvest Stout
11/16/2013Double Mountain Hop Lava
11/16/2013Nectar Creek Ginger Session Mead
11/16/2013Plank Town Riptooth IPA
11/16/2013Heater Allen Sticke Alt
11/10/2013Nøgne Ø Tindved
11/10/2013Mikkeller SpontanPeach
11/10/201310 Barrel Category 52 IPA
11/10/2013Propolis 12/13 Mabon Herbal Farmhouse Pumpkin Ale
11/9/2013AleSmith Evil Dead Red
11/6/2013Ichtegems Grand Cru
11/6/2013Evil Twin / Stillwater / Stone The Perfect Crime Black Smoked Saison
11/6/2013Nebraska Reserve Series Apricot Au Poivre Saison
11/4/2013The Commons Biere Royale
11/4/2013To Øl Snowball Saison (Aged in White Wine Barrels)
11/2/2013Mikkeller SpontanGooseberry
11/1/201321st Amendment He Said (Baltic Porter)
10/31/2013Crux Doublecross
10/29/2013Heater Allen Coastal
10/28/2013Lompoc Bry Bri Miss American Pie IPA
10/27/2013Mikkeller AK Alive
10/27/201321st Amendment He Said (Belgian Tripel)
10/27/2013To Øl Fuck Art - Let’s Dance
10/26/2013Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake
10/26/2013HaandBryggeriet Haandbic
10/26/2013De Molen Spanning & Sensatie
10/26/2013Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon Fourth Edition
10/25/2013Kissmeyer Honey Porter
10/25/2013Kissmeyer Two Front Teeth
10/25/2013HaandBryggeriet Blåbic
10/25/2013HaandBryggeriet Krekling (2013-)
10/25/2013New Belgium Hop Kitchen #3 - Fresh Hop
10/25/2013To Øl Liquid Confidence / Confidential
10/24/2013Captured by Porches Punctured by Corpses
10/24/2013Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Natale Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top
10/24/2013HaandBryggeriet Norse Porter (2012-)
10/24/2013To Øl/Omnipollo Brewmance Imperial Bourbon Barrel Aged Wild Honey Stout
10/23/2013Uinta Crooked Line Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin
10/22/2013Flat Tail Seriously Low Budget Belgian Golden Strong Ale
10/22/2013Bend Outback X
10/22/2013Stillwater Beer Table - Table Beer
10/22/2013Kissmeyer Black IPA
10/21/2013Widmer Brothers Rotator IPA Series - Falconer’s IPA
10/20/2013To Øl By Udder Means
10/20/2013Dia De Los Muertos Pay The Ferryman Porter
10/20/2013Dia De Los Muertos Hop On Or Die IPA
10/20/2013Bend Lovely Cherry Baltic Porter
10/19/2013Uinta Kings Peak Porter
10/19/2013Dia De Los Muertos Death Rides a Pale Horse Blonde Ale
10/19/2013Einbecker Brauherren Premium Pils
10/19/2013Widmer Brothers Marionberry Hibiscus Gose
10/19/2013HaandBryggeriet Fatlagret Porter (Akevitt Porter)
10/18/2013Firestone Walker Pivo Hoppy Pils
10/17/2013Firestone Walker Pale 31
10/16/2013Uinta Wet’n Wyld
10/16/2013Alameda Zombie Blood
10/14/2013Hopf Helle Weiße (Das Original)
10/13/2013Double Mountain Killer Green
10/10/2013Breakside / Gigantic India Wild Ale
10/7/2013Stillwater Classique
10/6/2013Ice Harbor Columbia Kolsch-Style Ale
10/4/2013Full Sail ESB (Extra Special Bitter)
10/4/2013New Belgium Accumulation
10/4/2013Ale Industries Pink Drank
10/4/2013Worthy Hop Gusher Fresh Hop IPA
10/4/2013Stickmen Stickmen’s Cascade SMaSH Fresh Hop Pale Ale
10/4/2013Two Kilts Fresh Hop IPA
10/4/2013Georgetown Tomtoberfest
10/4/2013Double Mountain Lulu Saison
10/2/2013Anchorage Anadromous Belgian Black Bier
10/2/2013Anchorage Darkest Hour Belgian Imperial Stout
10/2/2013Klamath Basin Lone Pine Double IPA
10/1/2013Ægir Lynchburg Natt