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4/21/2015Great Leap Imperial Rye Ale
4/21/2015Great Leap Pale Ale #6
4/21/2015Great Leap Dubbel Happiness
4/21/2015Great Leap Edmund Backhouse Pils
4/21/2015Great Leap Cinnamon Rock Ale
4/21/2015Great Leap Little General IPA
4/21/2015Great Leap Iron Buddha Blonde
4/21/2015Great Leap Liu the Brave Stout
3/7/2015Great Leap Banana Wheat
3/7/2015Great Leap Imperial Honey Ma
2/14/2015Great Leap Honey Ma Gold
10/11/2014Great Leap Three Door Tripel
10/11/2014Great Leap Chesty Puller American IPA
10/11/2014Great Leap Aggressor
10/6/2014Great Leap Ghost General Wheat IPA
10/6/2014Great Leap Hop God 120 Imperial IPA
7/21/2014Great Leap East City Porter
10/6/2014Great Leap Negrito Generalissimo Black IPA
8/1/2014Great Leap Hidden General IPA
10/6/2014Great Leap Beat the Landlord Barley Wine