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7/26/2014Flix Brewhouse Alt
7/24/2014Flix Brewhouse Round Rock Lager
7/24/2014Independence Brewing White Rabbit
6/7/2014Flix Brewhouse Lupulus IPA
5/30/2014New Belgium Lips of Faith - Heavenly Feijoa Tripel
5/26/2014Flix Brewhouse Agave Dubbel
2/12/2014Flix Brewhouse Nitro Stout
1/7/2014Flix Brewhouse Funkhouse Series: Fuyu
1/7/2014Flix Brewhouse Saison de Walt
11/20/2013Flix Brewhouse Luna Rosa Wit
11/10/2013New Braunfels FeuerWeiss
11/10/2013Twisted X Premium Tex Mex Lager
10/26/2013Flix Brewhouse Vacation Forever
10/26/2013Independence Brewing Brewluminati: Lemongrass Ginger
10/26/2013Flix Brewhouse Beer of the Dead
10/26/2013Flix Brewhouse Pumpkin Ale: Texas Edition