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7/31/2015Phillips Coast to Coastless Collaboration
5/28/2015Phillips Black Jackal Imperial Coffee Stout
5/27/2015Phillips Coffin Kicker Porter
5/27/2015Phillips Apteryx India Pale Ale
5/27/2015Phillips 3rd Blind Mouse Triple IPA
4/28/2015Phillips Twisted Oak Rye Barrel-Aged Bock
3/7/2015Phillips Barrel Aged Puzzler Belgian Black IPA
2/19/2015Phillips Deadhead Barley Wine
1/19/2015Phillips Blue Buck
12/8/2014Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA
12/6/2014Phillips Polaris Milk Stout
10/21/2014Phillips 13 Knots in a Hangman’s Noose 13th Anniversary Ale
10/19/2014Phillips Cherry Hieter Smoked Cherry Ale