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7/28/2016Jack’s Abby Melange des Mures
7/28/2016Jack’s Abby Sour Barrel Project: Blueberry Sour
5/8/2016Burley Oak Raspberries of the Lost Tart
5/8/2016Ommegang Rosetta
5/8/2016Lagunitas Aunt Sally
5/8/2016Jack’s Abby Framinghammer Baltic Porter
1/27/2016Founders BliS Blast All Day IPA
12/22/2015Tröegs Scratch 211 - Double IPA (Enigma)
12/22/2015Tröegs Impending Descent
12/22/2015Jack’s Abby Framinghammer - Barrel Aged (Dunc’s Mill Maple Rum)
12/22/2015Allagash Aventureux
12/22/2015Allagash Nancy
9/21/2015Kent Falls Ales for ALS IPA