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7/21/2016Laughing Crow Porter
7/3/2016Allagash Saison
6/16/2016Rising Tide Maine Island Trail Ale
6/14/2016Great North Tie Dyed
6/12/2016Sixpoint Puff
6/11/2016Smuttynose Smuttlabs Chestnut Saison
6/2/2016Allagash Tripel Reserve
5/28/2016Litherman’s Tangled Up in Bruges
5/20/2016Foolproof Queen of the Yahd
5/15/2016603 Double Black IPA
5/7/2016Henniker Miles & Miles
5/5/2016Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry
4/22/2016Weihenstephaner 1516 Kellerbier
4/22/2016Lucky Beer (Lucky Buddha)
4/22/2016Rockingham La bonne fortune
4/17/2016Lagunitas The Waldos’ Special Ale
4/17/2016Long Trail Space Juice
4/3/2016Foolproof Shuckolate
4/1/2016Narragansett Lovecraft Reanimator Helles Lager
3/27/2016Funky Bow Midnight Special Coffee Porter
3/20/2016Unibroue La Fin du Monde
3/20/2016Unibroue Maudite
3/20/2016Unibroue Trois Pistoles
3/17/2016Stone Americano Stout
3/13/2016Rising Tide Entrepôt d’Hiver
3/11/2016Long Trail Unearthed Stout
2/21/2016Henniker King Misanthrope
2/14/2016Nepenthe Ales Robust Porter
2/13/2016Rockingham Remy’s Rye
2/7/2016Stoneface Blip
2/7/2016From The Barrel MK Double IPA
2/4/2016Shipyard Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine
1/24/2016Foolproof King of the Yahd
1/23/2016Banded Horn Pepperell Pilsener
1/16/2016Southern Tier 2XMAS
1/15/2016Rockingham Winter Wonderham
1/10/2016Otter Creek Couch Surfer
1/9/2016Belgian Mare New England Cream Lager
1/3/2016Sebago Whistle Punk
1/3/2016Garrison City Beerworks Altercation
1/2/2016603 Wood Devil
1/2/2016Smuttynose Big Beer Series: Rocky Road Stout
1/1/2016Stoneface Porter
12/27/2015Ballast Point Victory at Sea - Peppermint
12/26/2015Hidden Cove Trinal
12/24/2015Great North Smokin’ Rauchbier
12/24/2015Rising Tide Entrepot D’Automne
12/3/2015Arrogant Bastard Ale - Bourbon Barrel
11/22/2015Big Water Belgian Double
11/15/2015Corsendonk Christmas Ale
11/12/2015Foolproof Revery Russian Imperial Stout
11/11/2015Garrison City Beerworks Think Tank
11/8/2015Garrison City Beerworks Handlebar
11/7/2015Founders Backstage Series #13: reDANKulous Imperial Red IPA
11/1/2015Swift Current Bert’s Best Beer
10/30/2015Long Trail Farmhouse American IPA
10/25/2015San Miguel Pale Pilsen
10/25/2015Chang Beer 5.0%
10/23/2015Guinness Nitro IPA
10/23/2015Stone Saison
10/23/2015Yanjing Beer
10/19/2015Rockingham Gourdy Pumpkin Ale
10/18/2015Foolproof Augtoberfest
10/10/2015Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale
9/28/2015Garrison City Beerworks Anomalous
9/22/2015Rockingham Three Little Pigs
9/20/2015Rockingham Cloven Hoof
9/13/2015Henniker Ora
9/10/2015Great North IPA
9/8/2015Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin
9/3/2015Ballast Point Dorado Double IPA
8/30/2015Shed Profanity Ale
8/30/2015Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin
8/27/2015Swift Current River Runs Rye
8/16/2015Foolproof Backyahd IPA
8/16/2015Foolproof Barstool Golden Ale
8/15/2015Newburyport Pale Ale
8/13/2015Bavik Premium Pils
8/10/2015Cape Ann Fisherman’s IPA
8/10/2015Cape Ann Fisherman’s Pils
8/9/2015Left Hand Introvert Session IPA
8/8/2015Neumarkter Lammsbräu Pils
7/29/2015Rockingham Blond Melon
7/28/2015Garrison City Beerworks Khaos
7/19/2015Kelsen Hoplite IPA
7/19/201521st Amendment Back in Black
7/16/2015Bohemia Clásica
7/16/2015Smuttynose Vunderbar!
7/9/2015Smuttynose Smuttlabs Spank
7/3/2015Baxter The Lonely Goatherd