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8/18/2016Fort Collins 1900 Amber Lager
8/18/2016Fort Collins The Incredible Hop - Imperial Rye IPA
8/10/2016Fort Collins Double Chocolate Coffee Stout
5/17/2016Fort Collins Mexican Chocolate Cake Stout
5/17/2016Fort Collins Major Tomís Pomegranate Wheat
5/17/2016Fort Collins Red Banshee (Retro Red)
5/17/2016Fort Collins Far Away
5/17/2016Fort Collins Shot Down
5/17/2016Fort Collins Breakfast of Champions Maple Bacon Lager
2/4/2016Fort Collins 1020 Barrel Aged Amber Lager
11/6/2015Fort Collins Chocolate Stout
11/5/2015Fort Collins Rocky Mountain IPA
11/5/2015Fort Collins Hometown Helles
11/4/2015Fort Collins 1020 Pale Ale
10/6/2015Fort Collins Training Wheels