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10/14/2016Bauhaus Brew Labs Over the Charts Series: Sky-Ten! Double IPA
9/9/2016Indeed Let It Roll IPA
8/25/2016Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye Ale
8/12/2016Flat Earth Eastside Double IPA
5/26/2016Sixpoint Jammer
4/25/2016Bauhaus Brew Labs Sky-Five Midwest C÷ast IPA
2/17/2016Castle Danger Sommelier George Hunter Stout
12/27/2015Insight In The Halls of the Sunken City Saison - Chapter VII
12/4/2015Boulder Beer Slope Style Winter IPA
10/14/2015Northgate Pumpion
10/14/2015Milwaukee Brewing Sasquash Sweet Potato Pumpkin Porter