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8/31/2015Ballast Point Piper Down Scottish Ale - Pumpkin
8/31/2015Ballast Point Grunion Pale Ale
8/30/2015Beavertown / Boneyard Power of the Voodoo
8/15/2015Epic Armageddon IPA
8/15/2015Liberty M!llers Humulus
8/15/2015Garage Project Cherry Bomb
7/25/2015Stone Ruination IPA 2.0
7/23/2015Behemoth Hopped Up On Pils Pilsner
7/21/2015Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA
7/3/2015Dogfish Head Sixty-One
6/25/2015De Molen Lief & Leed
6/18/2015Monteiths Original Ale
5/16/2015Garage Project Smoke & Mirrors
5/16/2015Firestone Walker Opal
5/9/2015Yeastie Boys His Majesty 2014
5/9/2015Renaissance Enlightenment Series Sencha Saison
4/30/2015Gigantic Pipe Wrench IPA - Gin Barrel Aged
4/29/2015DB Export Dry
4/24/2015Moa Cherry Sour
4/23/2015Wild Beer Ninkasi Premier Cru
4/18/2015Wild Beer Somerset Wild
4/18/2015Wild Beer Sourdough
4/2/2015Gigantic Ginormous
3/31/2015Garage Project Barrel Aged Cherry Bomb
3/28/2015Altitude Posturing Professional Pale Ale
3/27/2015Harringtons Big John Special Reserve
3/27/2015Harringtons Prince Harry Ginger Beer
3/26/2015Harringtons Classy Red
3/26/2015Harringtons Brewers’ Selection Strong Pilsner
3/25/2015Harringtons The Rogue Hop Organic Pilsner
3/22/2015Harringtons Belgium Tempest
3/21/2015Garage Project Touch Wood
3/20/2015Harringtons East Indies Lager
3/20/2015Harringtons Brewers’ Selection India Pale Ale
3/19/2015Harringtons The Yankdak APA
3/19/2015Panhead Black Sabbath
3/18/2015Monteiths Crushed Pear Cider
3/17/2015DB Export Gold
3/17/20158 Wired Wild Feijoa Sour Ale 2013
3/15/2015Speights Mid Ale
3/13/2015Lakeman Hairy Hop IPA
3/13/2015Epic Carolina
3/13/2015Epic Equinox
3/12/2015Garage Project China White
3/12/2015Wild Beer Modus Operandi
3/12/2015Behemoth Tasty Beverage Extra Pale Ale
3/10/2015Guinness Special Export (Belgian version)
3/9/2015Moa South Pacific IPA
3/8/2015Renaissance Clipper India Session Ale
3/8/2015Renaissance Empathy
3/7/2015Liberty Debut De Tout
3/5/2015Moa Session Pale Ale
3/5/2015Liberty / Hallertau Haterade
3/4/2015Garage Project Louisiana Voodoo Queen
3/1/2015Lakeman Taupo Pale Ale
2/27/2015Unibroue Blanche de Chambly
2/26/2015Unibroue Éphémère Apple
2/21/2015Emerson’s Trans Tasman Brewery Challenge 2014 Round One Red Rye
2/13/2015Sparks Prospector Farmhouse Ale
2/11/2015Tuatara Sauvinova
2/9/2015Pilsner Urquell
2/5/2015Moa Tripel Sauvignon 2014 Vintage
2/3/2015Ballast Point Sculpin IPA
1/30/2015Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin
1/28/2015Renaissance Fifth Element
1/27/2015ParrotDog ClippedWing
1/16/2015Red Stripe
1/12/2015Olde English 800 7.5
1/12/2015BrewDog Hardcore IPA (9.2%)
1/6/2015Garage Project Red Rocks Reserve
1/6/2015Garage Project / Nøgne Ø Summer Sommer
1/3/2015Hop Baron 8 Ball Stout
1/1/2015Bachata Rum Beer
1/1/2015Garage Project Cat’s Pajamas
12/31/2014Garage Project Cereal Milk Stout
12/30/2014Renaissance Abundance Baltic Cherry Porter
12/28/2014Moa Festive IPA
12/24/2014Moon Dog / Garage Project Chocolate Salty Balls
12/24/2014Moon Dog Perverse Sexual Amalgam
12/10/2014Epic Imp
12/7/2014Epic Apocalypse IPA
12/7/2014Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta
12/5/2014Rogue Double Chocolate Stout
11/28/2014Unibroue La Fin du Monde
11/21/2014Wigram Munchner Dunkel
11/19/2014Garage Project Wabi Sabi Sour
11/14/2014Epic Pale Ale
11/7/2014Coopers Thomas Cooper’s Selection Celebration Ale
11/7/2014St. Erhard Kellerbier
11/7/2014Thomas Coopers Selection Artisan Reserve
11/7/2014Bach Brewing Czechmate Pilsner
11/2/2014Yeastie Boys Golden Perch
10/29/2014Mikkeller Mexas Ranger (Tequila Edition)
10/18/2014Moa Blanc Evolution
10/17/2014Yeastie Boys The Last Dictator
10/6/2014Golden Eagle Solo Lupulus Metamorphic IPA
10/4/2014Yeastie Boys The Sly Persuader
10/4/2014Leffe Radieuse
10/3/2014Moa St Josephs Tripel
10/3/2014Emerson’s Dinner Bell Belgian Table Beer
10/3/2014Garage Project Texas Tea Brown Ale
10/1/2014Yeastie Boys White Noise
10/1/2014Chimay Triple / Blanche (White) / Cinq Cents
9/26/2014Bear Republic Apex
9/26/2014ParrotDog BitterBitch
9/25/2014Yeastie Boys The Sun Before the Darkness
9/24/2014Panhead Lamb Chopper
9/22/2014Behemoth CHUR! NZ Pale Ale
9/12/2014Garage Project Baltic Porter Bourbon Barrel-Aged
9/12/2014Garage Project Baltic Porter
9/10/2014Baylands Enforcer
9/10/2014Young’s Double Chocolate Stout
9/10/2014Epic Loves Bacon
9/9/2014Hop Federation Rakau IPA
9/9/2014Garage Project Hāpi Daze
9/9/2014Garage Project Tournesol Spiced Saison
9/9/2014Garage Project Garagista IPA
9/7/2014Rogue Chocolate Stout
9/6/2014Wigram Czar Imperial Russian Stout
9/5/2014Ballast Point Tongue Buckler Imperial Red Ale
8/29/2014Gigantic Volta
8/29/2014Townshend No. 9
8/28/2014Garage Project Venusian Pale Ale
8/22/2014Pelican Tsunami Stout
8/22/2014Boundary Road Arabica Dabra Coffee Oatmeal Stout
8/20/2014Liberty Yakima Monster
8/20/2014Tuatara Nui
8/15/2014Hop Federation American Brown Ale
8/15/2014Epic Imperium
8/14/2014Garage Project BEER
8/7/2014BrewDog Clown King
8/5/2014Rogue New Crustacean Barleywineish Imperial IPA Sorta
8/1/2014Garage Project Chateau Aro