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8/29/2014Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale
8/29/2014Upland Dragonfly India Pale Ale
8/23/2014Three Floyds Moloko Plus
7/31/2014Mike’s Hard Smashed Apple Ale Crisp Apple
6/28/2014Coors Light Summer Brew
6/8/2014The Brew Kettle White Rajah IPA
5/30/2014Ohio Brewing Cardinal Ale
4/20/2014Bud Light Lime Raz-Ber-Rita
1/17/2014Rogue Dead Guy Ale
12/18/2013Arrogant Bastard Ale
10/29/2013Rivertown Oktoberfest
10/29/2013Ommegang Game Of Thrones #2 - Take the Black Stout
10/11/2013Rolling Rock Amber Lager
10/11/2013Fox Barrel English Perry
9/25/2013Oliver Strawberry Honey Wine
9/16/2013Frankenmuth Batch 69 American India Pale Ale
9/16/2013Oliver Camelot Mead
9/13/2013Unibroue Maudite