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2/15/2015New Belgium Portage Porter
2/10/2015Breckenridge Vanilla Porter
2/6/2015New Belgium Summer Helles
2/6/2015Red Brick Hop Circle
2/6/2015Time Traveler Shandy
2/6/2015Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale
2/6/2015Heavy Seas Cross Bones
2/6/2015Samuel Adams Rebel Rouser
2/3/2015New Belgium Slow Ride
2/3/2015Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail
1/10/2015Ommegang Game Of Thrones #4 - Valar Morghulis
1/10/2015Innis & Gunn Toasted Oak IPA (Bottle)
1/10/2015Jekyll Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA
1/9/2015Founders Black Rye
1/8/2015Woodchuck Hopsation
1/8/2015Jekyll Cooter Brown Ale
1/8/2015Jekyll ’Merican Amber
1/8/2015Jekyll Southern Session
1/2/2015Terrapin French Toasted W-n-B Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout
12/16/2014Sweetwater Spinnerbait
12/10/2014Abita Wrought Iron IPA
12/10/2014Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata
12/10/2014Blue Moon Caramel Apple-Spiced Ale
12/9/2014Robinsons Trooper (Bottle)
11/26/2014Terrapin So Fresh & So Green Green 2014 (Simcoe)
11/26/2014Sierra Nevada Boomerang IPA
11/26/2014Sierra Nevada Coffee Stout
11/26/2014Jolly Traveler Shandy
10/18/2014Resignation / Redhook KCCO Black Lager
10/9/2014Sweetwater Hop Hash Double IPA
9/28/2014Jack-O Traveler Shandy
9/15/2014Abita Seersucker Summer Pils
9/5/2014Terrapin Imperial Pumpkin Pie Porter
8/6/2014Samuel Adams Harvest Saison
7/24/2014Bud Light Lime Apple-Ahhh-Rita
6/14/2014Coors Light Summer Brew
5/16/2014Angry Orchard Strawman Farmhouse Hard Cider
4/17/2014Dos Equis Dos-A-Rita
4/8/2014Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider
4/3/2014Sierra Nevada Nooner Session IPA
4/3/2014Sierra Nevada Snow Wit White IPA
4/1/2014Ommegang Hop House
4/1/2014Cigar City Hopped on the High Seas (Calypso)
3/22/2014Bud Light Lime Mang-o-Rita
3/22/2014Strongbow Honey & Apple Cider
3/22/2014Strongbow Gold
3/18/2014Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat
3/10/2014Horny Goat Stacked Milk Stout
3/10/2014Smith & Forge Hard Cider