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6/30/2014Mikkeller Keeper American Pilsner
4/2/2014Ace Pear Cider
3/4/2014Sonoma Cider The Hatchet
3/4/2014Woodchuck Cellar Series Chocolate
2/6/2014Thirsty Dog Wulver
1/10/2014Rivertown Ojos Negros
11/10/2013Mission Shipwrecked Double IPA
10/30/2013Thirsty Dog Siberian Night Imperial Stout (Bourbon Barrel)
10/29/2013Crispin Georgia
10/15/201310 Barrel / Bluejacket / Stone Suede Imperial Porter
10/14/2013Meantime Coffee Porter
10/13/2013De Molen Kopi Loewak Coffee Stout (2011-)
10/11/2013Rivertowne Hala Kahiki Pineapple Beer
10/8/2013The Bruery White Oak
10/6/2013Buckeye Cleveland Porter
9/16/2013BrewDog 5 A.M. Saint
9/16/2013Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPA
8/30/2013Bells The Oracle DIPA Ale
8/26/2013Elevator Horny Goat Barrel Aged Porter
8/22/2013The Brew Kettle Oktofest
8/17/2013Hoppin Frog Hopped-Up Goose Juice Rye IPA
8/17/2013Finch’s Threadless IPA
8/10/2013Arcadia B-Craft Black Double IPA
8/10/2013Hoppin Frog Gangster Frog
8/4/2013Revolution Anti-Hero IPA
8/3/2013Victory Uncle Teddys Bitter
8/3/2013Jackie-Os Firefly Amber
8/3/2013Jackie-Os Hop Ryot
8/3/2013Jackie-Os Mystic Mama IPA
8/3/201321st Amendment Hop Crisis!
8/2/2013Dominion Hop Mountain Pale Ale