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4/15/2014Scuttlebutt Amber Ale
4/3/2014Ninkasi ReNEWale 2014 Alt Pale Ale
4/1/2014No-Li Expo Series Skyrail Single Hop IPA
4/1/2014Tree Old School Stout
4/1/2014Driftwood / Hoyne Rock Bay Mash Up Baltic Porter
4/1/2014Granville Island Shamrocker Potato Stout
4/1/2014Diamond Knot Slanes Irish Ale
4/1/2014Spinnakers Roundhouse Red
3/31/2014Green Flash Hop Odyssey Black IPA
3/31/2014Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA
3/31/2014Kozel Premium Lager 12°
3/16/2014Caldera Kettle Series Hopportunity Knocks
3/16/2014Minhas Lazy Mutt Alberta Brown Ale
3/16/2014American Brewing Flying Monkey
3/16/2014Tofino Tuff Session Ale
3/16/2014Townsite Perfect Storm Oatmeal Stout
3/16/2014Occidental Lucubrator Doppelbock
3/16/2014Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA
3/16/2014Parallel 49 Robo Ruby Imperial Ruby Ale
3/16/2014Minhas Lazy Mutt Authentic IPA
3/11/2014Minhas Lazy Mutt Alberta Red Ale
3/11/2014Scandal Paricutin Rye Triplebock
3/11/2014Tofino Kelp Stout
3/11/2014Longwood Winter’s Own Weizenbock
3/11/2014Granville Island Auld Skool Scottish Ale
3/11/2014Fiji Bitter
3/11/2014Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale
3/2/2014Tofino Hoppin Cretin IPA
3/2/2014Dead Frog Uber Nutter Imperial Nut Brown Ale
2/9/2014Caldera Kettle Series Hop Hash
2/9/2014Phillips Black Jackal Imperial Coffee Stout
2/9/2014Mendocino Winter Seasonal Oatmeal Stout
2/9/2014Scandal Mt Everest Barley Wine
2/9/2014He’Brew Death of a Contract Brewer
1/14/2014Porterhouse Hop Head
1/11/2014Gigantic Most Premium Russian Imperial Stout
1/4/2014Rodenbach Vintage
12/22/2013Breakside Wanderlust IPA
12/3/2013Moon Under Water Victoria’s Sticke German Stout
11/26/2013De Ranke XX Bitter
11/25/2013New Belgium Lips of Faith - Le Terroir
11/25/2013Mount Begbie Darkside of the Stoke Coffee Stout
11/25/2013Mill Street Vanilla Porter
11/25/2013Fernie Rockpile Red IPA
11/25/2013Nelson Hop Good Organic Session IPA
11/19/2013North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
11/19/2013Base Camp Northwest Fest
11/19/2013Gahan House Island Red Amber
11/19/2013Base Camp In-Tents India Pale Lager
11/19/2013Southern Tier 2X Stout
11/19/2013Four Winds / Powell Street Dunkelweizen
11/15/2013Scuttlebutt Gale Force IPA
11/15/2013Abbaye du Cateau Vivat Triple
11/6/2013Double Mountain Hop Lava
11/6/2013Longwood The Big One
10/28/2013Vulcan Ale
10/28/2013Scuttlebutt Hoptopia Ale
10/28/2013Deschutes Class of ’88 Barley Wine
10/28/2013Base Camp Ripstop Rye Pilsner
10/28/2013Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA
10/28/2013Longwood The One That Got Away Red Wheat
10/28/2013Borg Bríó Nr. 1
10/25/2013Bridge Hopilano IPA
10/25/2013Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye Ale
10/24/2013Ninkasi Maiden the Shade
10/22/2013Old Yale Outta Wack Mango Wheat
10/21/2013Central City Red Racer Pilsner
10/6/2013Phillips Kaleidoscope Mosaic IPA
10/6/2013McAuslan Spiced Pumpkin/ St-Ambroise Citrouille
9/28/2013Fernie Pumpkin Head
9/28/2013Parallel 49 Crane Kick
9/28/2013Burnside Sweet Heat
9/28/2013Gigantic High Fidelity Beer
9/26/2013Parallel 49 Li’l Red Sour Cherry Berlinerweisse
9/26/2013Two Beers Forester Double IPA
9/26/2013Parallel 49 Snap, Crackle, Hop Imperial Rice IPA
9/21/2013Howe Sound Pumpkineater Imperial Pumpkin Ale
9/20/2013Mill Street Barley Wine
9/19/2013Granville Island Imperial Chocolate Stout
9/5/2013Moa Imperial Stout
9/5/2013Longwood Extra Ale
9/5/2013Innis & Gunn Scottish Porter
9/5/2013Longwood Stoutnik
8/27/2013Lighthouse 15 Anniversary Ale
8/27/2013Lighthouse Maibock
8/27/2013Gigantic Hellion
8/27/2013Lighthouse Numbskull Imperial IPA
8/27/2013Anderson Valley Heelch O’ Hops
8/25/2013Muskoka Twice As Mad Tom IPA
7/30/20138 Wired Superconductor
7/27/2013Russell Nautical Disaster Barleywine
7/27/2013Granville Island Thirsty Farmer Saison
7/27/2013Driftwood The Heretic
7/27/2013Sound Brewery Ursus Spelaeus
7/23/2013Fernie Rusty Tractor Weizenbock
7/23/2013Gigantic Whole In the Head
7/23/20138 Wired Fresh HopWired
7/23/2013Bridge North Shore Pale
7/23/2013Lighthouse Barnacle Wheat IPA
7/23/2013Prohibition Bootlegger Amber Ale
7/23/2013Gigantic Dark Meddle
7/23/2013Tuatara Double Trouble
7/22/2013Unibroue Éphémère Cerise
7/22/2013Sierra Nevada Hoptimum
7/22/2013Deschutes The Dissident
7/19/2013Howe Sound Troller Bay Ale
7/19/2013Howe Sound West Coast IPA
7/13/2013Scotch Silly Barrel Aged (Bordeaux)
7/13/2013Logsdon Oak-Aged Bretta
6/29/2013Howe Sound Loose Cannon Dark Lager
6/28/2013Unibroue Seigneuriale
6/24/2013Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
6/20/2013Whistler Lost Lake Unfiltered IPA
6/16/2013Driftwood Clodhopper Local Malt Dubbel
6/14/2013Hilliard’s Chrome Satan
6/14/2013Old Yale D.O. Ale
6/14/2013Townsite Shiny Penny Belgian IPA
6/12/2013Breakside IPA
6/12/2013Vancouver Island Flying Tanker White IPA
6/11/2013Prohibition Lawless IPA
6/11/2013Upright Fatali Four
6/10/2013Elysian Loser Pale Ale
6/9/2013Granville Island Uncle Monty’s Best Bitter
6/4/2013Spinnakers Hoptoria IPA
6/3/2013Spinnakers India Session Pale Ale
6/1/2013Odin Thor’s Equinox
6/1/2013Parallel 49 Black Hops Cascadian Dark Lager
5/31/2013Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale
5/31/2013Hoyne Off the Grid
5/31/2013Vancouver Island Musicfest Festival Ale
5/31/2013Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis Oatmeal Stout
5/31/2013Parallel 49 Hopnotist Imperial IPA
5/31/2013Lighthouse 3 Weeds
5/27/2013Nelson Full Nelson Organic Imperial IPA
5/27/2013Russell 6.26 17th Anniversary Scotch Ale
5/22/2013Granville Island Cloak & Dagger Cascadian Dark Ale
5/21/2013Tin Whistle Stag Apple Scotch
5/21/2013Howe Sound Goldtooth Berliner Weisse
5/21/2013Porterhouse Oyster Stout
5/14/2013Scandal Sugarloaf
5/14/2013Diamond Knot Industrial India Pale Ale
5/13/2013Diamond Knot India Pale Ale
5/11/2013Driftwood Belle Royale (2013)
5/11/2013North Coast Twentieth Anniversary Ale
5/11/2013Spinnakers Choc-o-holic Stout
5/11/2013Coal Harbour Smoke & Mirrors
5/11/2013Moon Under Water Shatterbier Golden Ale
5/10/2013Russell Hop Therapy Double IPA
5/10/2013American Brewing Breakaway IPA
5/8/2013Driftwood Crooked Coast Amber Ale
5/7/2013Mission Springs Olde Sailor’s IPA
5/4/2013Dead Frog Brazen Northwest Ale
5/4/2013Dead Frog Fearless IPA
5/4/2013Dead Frog Valiant Belgian IPA
5/4/2013St. Bernardus Tripel
5/4/2013Central City Red Racer Stout
5/4/2013North Coast Le Merle
5/3/2013Saison Dupont Vieille Provision
4/28/2013Fort Garry Kona Imperial Stout
4/21/2013Efes Pilsen Fıçı (Draft)
4/18/2013Dead Frog Commander Imperial Stout
4/18/2013Karlovačko Pivo
4/18/2013Moon Under Water Potts Pils (Unfiltered)
4/18/2013Renaissance Elemental Porter
4/18/2013Hoyne Hoyner Pilsner
4/18/2013Renaissance Stonecutter Scotch Ale
4/18/2013Renaissance Marlborough Pale Ale (2012)
4/17/2013Wychwood Forest Fruits (Bottle)
4/17/2013Moon Under Water Tranquility IPA
4/17/2013Coal Harbour Powell IPA
4/10/2013Upright Oyster Stout
4/10/2013Alameda Bad Bunny Imperial Cream Ale
4/7/2013Alameda Rose City Red
4/7/2013Fernie Black Mammoth Winter Ale
4/1/2013Ninkasi Babylon Double IPA