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6/14/2016Van Eecke Hommelbier Nieuwe Oogst Fresh Harvest 2014
6/4/2016Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA
5/27/2016Spinnakers Imperial Coffee Stout
3/24/2016Wolf / Longwood O’zapft Is!
2/28/2016Phillips Odyssey Nitro Porter
2/24/2016Phillips Benefit Brew Dogwood Rescue Society Red Lager
12/31/2015Sound Sommerweizen German Style Kristallweizen
12/18/2015Granville Island Cocoa Loco Imperial Chocolate Stout
12/17/2015Lighthouse Tasman Ale
12/15/2015Lighthouse Black Sam Licorice Stout
12/14/2015Black Kettle Keep the Lights Out Oatmeal Stout
12/13/2015Persephone Big Senior Imperial Pilsner
11/8/2015Hoyne Appleton Extra Special Bitter
11/7/2015Driftwood De Auras Wheat Sour
11/6/2015Postmark Winter Red
11/5/2015Double Mountain Gypsy Stumper IPA
11/2/2015Steamworks Hop Attack!
11/1/2015Persephone Harvest Pale Ale
11/1/2015Barkerville Demi-Mondaine Dunkelweizen
10/31/2015Category 12 Subversion Imperial IPA
10/7/2015Barkerville White Gold Witbier
10/4/2015Parallel 49 1-8-7 on a Mother F***in’ Hop
10/4/2015Red Arrow Threesome
9/8/2015Phillips Super Cooper 14th Anniversary Ale
8/31/2015Tofino Hunt & Gather Kettle Sour
8/29/2015Moon Under Water Goldamsel Sour Weissbier with Peaches and Apricots
8/29/2015Lighthouse Pacific Sunset Belgo-American Mild
8/27/2015Four Mile Tangerine Dream Ale