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8/11/2015Point Whole Hog Wee Heavy Scotch Ale
1/23/2015Austin Beerworks Sputnik
12/5/2014Southern Star Valkyrie Double IPA
11/6/2014Austin Beerworks Black Thunder
10/18/2014Saint Arnold Weedwacker
10/14/2014Real Ale Sisyphus
9/16/2014Texas Keeper No. 1
9/8/2014Austin Beerworks Peacemaker Extra Pale
9/5/2014Kamala Bitterama
9/5/2014Namaste Ganeshale
8/26/2014Texian First Stand
8/11/2014Deep Ellum Double Brown Stout
8/11/2014Independence Brewing Stash IPA
8/4/2014Lone Pint The Jabberwocky
8/1/2014No Label El Hefe