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5/16/2015Beerd Strong Old Ale
5/16/2015Wild Weather / Hopcraft - Sunday League Relegation Play Offs (2nd leg)
4/18/2015Hopcraft Straight to the Light
4/18/2015Hopcraft The Whole Pack Project (Edition 3 Calypso)
3/21/2015Beerd Sunspot
3/7/2015Oakham Green Devil IPA
2/21/2015Wild Weather Sunset - Minstrel.
2/14/2015Beerd Cubic
1/31/2015Dark Star Hophead Vic Secret
1/31/2015Beerd Vigilante
1/31/2015Beerd Baron Samedi
1/24/2015Beerd Razor
1/17/2015Beerd Scoundrel
1/10/2015360 Pacific Red Ale #45
12/28/2014Durham White Gold
12/21/2014Wild Weather Blizzard Christmas Pudding
12/20/2014360 West Coast Pale Ale #50
12/13/2014Wild Weather Blizzard
12/10/2014Alechemy Bad Day At The Office
11/29/2014Wild Weather Summer Breeze
11/17/2014From The Notebook Hedgehog
11/17/2014Beerd Silvertip
11/11/2014Beerd Crowbar
11/1/2014Beerd Hindsight
10/25/2014Fourpure Amber Ale
10/25/2014Firebrand Cross Pacific Pale Ale
10/17/2014Beerd Convict
10/17/2014Hop Back Citra
10/4/2014Beerd Sharp Wit
9/28/2014Beerd Citrasonic
9/3/2014Beerd Cardinal
9/3/2014Weird Beard Decadence
9/3/2014Beerd Pendulum
9/3/2014In Cahoots White
8/5/2014Wiper and True Kiwi Lilt
8/5/2014Wiper and True Pale Ale Simcoe
8/5/2014Cromarty Hop Your Cherry
8/2/2014Liberation Herm Island Gold
8/2/2014Brains Craft Brewery Stars & Stripes
7/26/2014Wild Weather Warm Front
7/9/2014Beerd Blueprint
7/9/2014Arbor E Bomb
6/21/2014Aylesbury The Obroma
6/21/2014Wild Weather Stormbringer
6/21/2014Brains Craft Brewery Magnum PA
6/1/2014Brains Craft Brewery Brown Sauce
5/30/2014Brains Craft Brewery Barry Island IPA
5/30/2014Brains Craft Brewery Atomic Blonde
5/30/2014Brains Craft Brewery Weiss Weiss Baby (4.9%)
5/30/2014Brains Craft Brewery Crowded Hops
5/30/2014Brains Craft Brewery Atlantic White
5/30/2014Brains Craft Brewery Bragging Rights
5/24/2014Sunny Republic Bay Amber
5/24/2014Brains Craft Brewery Rye Catcher
5/24/2014Beerd / Bristol Beer Factory Mildly Cyrus
5/17/2014Wild Weather Big Muddy
5/17/2014Wild Weather Little Wind