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12/3/2014Eight Degrees Russian Imperial Stout (2014)
12/3/2014Eight Degrees Double Irish
11/28/2014Kerry Gnčas Dublin Dark Ale
11/26/2014Wicklow Wolf Kentucky Common
11/21/2014Wicklow Wolf American Amber
11/1/2014Carlow Dunkelweizen
10/22/2014Rascals Kim Jong Lem-Un
9/29/2014Metalman Chameleon Rubus
9/29/2014Carlow O’ Hara’s Hop Heavy IPA
9/29/2014White Hag Beann Gulban
9/29/2014White Hag Black Boar
9/29/2014White Hag Fleadh Ale
9/29/2014White Gypsy Scarlet
9/29/2014Eight Degrees Nelson Sauvin Saison
9/29/2014Eight Degrees The Full Irish
9/27/2014West Mayo Clew Bay Sunset
8/24/20145 Lamps Summer Steam
8/24/2014Eight Degrees Simcoe Rye Ale
8/24/2014Rascals Wit Woo
8/24/2014Carlow O’Hara’s Amber Adventure
7/25/2014Four Provinces The Hurler
7/25/2014Bo Bristle Smokey Bacon
7/1/2014Rascals Ginger Porter
7/1/2014Eight Degrees Ole Ole
7/1/2014Eight Degrees / By the Horns Brewing Co. Horn8’s Nest
7/1/2014Donegal Sea Sessions Pale Ale
7/1/2014Trouble Brewing Fuzzy Logic
6/15/2014Donegal Atlantic Amber
5/22/2014Franciscan Well Chieftain IPA
5/16/2014Carlow O’Hara’s Natural Blonde
4/21/2014Blacks / Beoir Beoir #1
4/5/2014Franciscan Well Rosemary & Clementine Saison
3/9/2014Metalman Chameleon Garnet
3/9/2014N17 Rye Ale
3/5/2014Carlow O’Hara’s Double IPA
2/28/2014Mi Daza Traditional Cork Stout
2/2/2014Adnams Jack Brand Crystal Rye IPA
1/18/2014Metalman Chameleon Brau
1/18/2014Trouble Brewing Galaxy Pale Ale
1/18/2014Eight Degrees Russian Imperial Stout 2013
12/31/2013Otterbank Farami
12/31/2013BrewDog Baby Dogma
12/16/2013Eight Degrees Aztec Stout
12/2/2013Franciscan Well IPA