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7/30/2014Amsterdam Space Invader
7/26/2014Indie Alehouse X Nickel Brook Weakday Warrior
7/26/2014Indie Alehouse X Beyond The Pale Golden Devil
7/26/2014Indie Alehouse S’More Stout
7/26/2014Indie Alehouse The Belgian Barnyard IPA
7/26/2014Indie Alehouse Broken Hipster
7/26/2014Indie Alehouse Instigator Pale Ale
7/26/2014Indie Alehouse Roll in the Hay
7/26/2014Indie Alehouse Cock Puncher
7/26/2014Indie Alehouse Couch Surfer
6/26/2014Indie Alehouse X Brasseurs de Monde Split Personnalité
6/22/2014Indie Alehouse Strawberry IPA
6/7/2014Indie Alehouse The International Incident
6/3/2014Great Lakes Brewing Limp Puppet
6/3/2014Indie Alehouse Fallen Idol
6/3/2014Indie Alehouse X Indie 88 - Jackpot Cherry Saison
6/3/2014Indie Alehouse Spadina Monkey (Cherries)
5/15/2014Indie Alehouse Tim Buckedtwo
5/3/2014Indie Alehouse Spadina Monkey (Pineapple)
4/14/2014Indie Alehouse Grendel’s Revenge
3/18/2014Indie Alehouse Spadina Monkey (Chardonnay Barrel)
3/18/2014Indie Alehouse Crush
3/14/2014Indie Alehouse Icebreaker
3/14/2014Indie Alehouse X Amsterdam Jump the Shark
3/12/2014Indie Alehouse Quiet Time
3/12/2014Indie Alehouse Breakfast Porter
3/12/2014Indie Alehouse X Bar Hop Rabbit of Caerbannog
2/22/2014Indie Alehouse Spadina Monkey (Bourbon Barrel)
2/22/2014Indie Alehouse Wit’ner Toque
2/22/2014Indie Alehouse King Richard Bitter
2/13/2014Indie Alehouse Zombie Apocalypse
2/13/2014Indie Alehouse Rye So Sour
1/30/2014Indie Alehouse TnA
1/30/2014Indie Alehouse Rainmaker
1/30/2014Indie Alehouse Glory and Consequences
10/12/2013Indie Alehouse X Birrificio Bruton Italian Job
10/12/2013Indie Alehouse X Biergotter Sweep The Leg
10/12/2013Indie Alehouse X House Ales Ralph’s Nuts
9/22/2013Indie Alehouse / Bellwoods Tommy Likey (Belgian)
9/22/2013Indie Alehouse Thanks Erin
9/22/2013Indie Alehouse Quittin The Grisette
9/22/2013Indie Alehouse Appalachian Spring 1984
9/22/2013Indie Alehouse Pray for Mojo
9/21/2013Great Lakes X Swansea Homebrew Winter is Coming
9/21/2013Indie Alehouse Amarillo Slim
9/21/2013Indie Alehouse I Discovered The Wrong India
9/21/2013Indie Alehouse Swing Lo Sweet Amandine
9/21/2013Indie Alehouse Big Tipper Brown Ale
9/21/2013Indie Alehouse I Hefe Dream
9/21/2013Indie Alehouse Twist n Stout
9/21/2013Indie Alehouse Relax This Won’t Hurt
9/19/2013Get Well Bastard Landlord IPA
9/19/2013Indie Alehouse Pump’kin Monk
9/16/2013Indie Alehouse Septemberfest Grapefruit Pale Ale
9/6/2013Indie Alehouse Red Tape Stout
8/20/2013Indie Alehouse 99 Luft Balloons
8/20/2013Indie Alehouse Georgie Boy ESB
8/20/2013Indie Alehouse Takes Two to Mango
8/20/2013Indie Alehouse Breakfast Porter (Bourbon Barrel)