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3/18/2015Speakeasy Tallulah XPA (Extra Pale Ale)
3/8/2015Tuatara Sauvinova
2/7/2015Golden Eagle Hopheaval
1/15/2015Croucher Lowrider IPA
1/14/20158 Wired Generation Rye
1/14/2015Garage Project Pernicious Weed
1/14/2015The Twisted Hop Golding Bitter (Cask)
12/9/2014Rogue Santas Private Reserve
12/2/2014Garage Project Day Of The Dead
11/26/2014The Twisted Hop Tears in the Rain, Glitter in the Dark
10/23/2014Herne Tāne
10/17/2014Invercargill B.Man Pilsner
10/12/2014Panhead Whitewall Hoppy Wheat Ale
9/25/2014Alaskan IPA
9/6/2014The Twisted Hop Little Brother Session IPA
9/3/2014Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale
8/30/2014Speakeasy Scarletts Red Rye
8/25/2014Golden Eagle Solo Lupulus Metamorphic IPA
8/23/2014Pelican Tsunami Stout
8/17/20148 Wired Small Poppy
8/2/2014Hop Baron 8 Ball Stout
7/26/2014Tuatara Black Whittaker’s Chocolate
7/19/2014Mussel Inn Zebra Zebra Black Wit
7/18/2014Hop Baron Hotel Riwaka
7/6/2014Beer Baroness Bearded Lady Stout
7/6/2014Delicious Pale Ale
7/5/2014Speakeasy Prohibition Ale
6/18/2014Zeffer Hopped up Pippen
6/18/2014The Twisted Hop Forged in Darkness
6/18/2014Epic Apocalypse IPA
5/7/2014Southstar Gone for a Burton
5/7/2014The Twisted Hop Hopback IPA Centennial Edition
5/7/2014The Twisted Hop Enigma Vintage 2013
4/29/2014Altitude Mischievous Kea
4/29/2014Aotearoa Mata Tumeke! NZ IPA
4/8/2014The Twisted Hop Hop Back Centennial Edition
4/8/2014Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA
4/5/2014The Twisted Hop Gone For A Burton Ale
4/5/2014Eagle vs Dog Episode 2 Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster
4/5/2014Golden Eagle Citradel
4/5/2014Liberty Halo Pilsner
4/5/20148 Wired Farmhouse Pale Ale
4/5/2014Invercargill Pitch Black Real Stout
3/22/2014The Twisted Hop Golden Ale
3/22/2014Kereru Hop To It Pale Ale