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10/15/2016McFate Fate’s Red Hop
7/28/2016McFate El Ultima Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout
7/28/2016McFate Collabarita
7/28/2016McFate Get Wit It
4/13/2016McFate Jugo Weisse
2/14/2016McFate Dragon View IPA
1/19/2016The Shop Beer Co. Coffee Brown
1/19/2016McFate Export Stout
1/19/2016McFate / AZ Brewers Guild The Thames They Are Changing
1/19/2016McFate Single Hop Sour - Simcoe
1/19/2016McFate Cream Ale - Hatch Chiles
1/11/2016Lagunitas Born Yesterday Pale Ale
1/11/2016McFate Buffet Brown
1/11/2016McFate Fate-Ality IPA
1/11/2016McFate S.P.A. 2.0
12/29/2015McFate American Pale Ale
10/2/2015McFate Cuppa Joe Porter
10/2/2015McFate Double Oatmeal IPA
10/2/2015McFate Standard IPA
10/2/2015McFate Pale Down Unda
10/2/2015McFate Oh My Gatos! Golden Ale