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4/26/2015Barley Days Yuletide Cherry Porter
4/25/2015Great Lakes Brewing Karma Citra
4/24/2015Anderson Valley Heelch O’ Hops
4/20/2015Estrella Damm Daura (Apta Para Celíacos)
4/20/2015Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen
4/19/2015Beaus The Bottle Imp
4/19/2015Creemore Springs Lot 9 Pilsner
4/17/2015Flying Monkeys The Chocolate Manifesto
4/16/2015Spearhead Sam Roberts Band Session Ale
4/15/2015Ommegang Game Of Thrones #4 - Valar Morghulis
4/15/2015Ayinger Weizen-Bock
4/14/2015Grimbergen Ambrée
4/14/2015Midtfyns Double IPA
4/14/2015St. Bernardus Prior 8
4/12/2015Camerons White Oat Savant
4/11/2015Big Rig Release the Hounds
4/11/2015Big Rig Black IPA
4/7/2015Yukon Gold
4/6/2015Phillips Cabin Fever Imperial Black IPA
4/5/2015Heather Ales Fraoch 22 Auchentoshan
4/2/2015Great Lakes Brewing Lake Effect IPA
3/22/2015Oakham Green Devil IPA
3/22/2015Spearhead Belgian Stout
3/21/2015Petrus Aged Pale
3/20/2015Howe Sound Lager
3/20/2015Brasserie des Quatre Lunes Saison Automne
3/20/2015Beaus / Gigantic La Formidable
3/19/2015Black Oak 10 Bitter Years
3/17/2015Legends of the Bay Giant’s Tomb
3/15/2015St. Bernardus Christmas Ale
3/14/2015Amsterdam Cruiser All Day Pale Ale
3/6/2015Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA
3/3/2015Arcadia London Porter
3/3/2015Sawdust City Red Rocket Coffee Spiced Stout
2/28/2015Oast House Biere de Garde
2/28/2015Unibroue 17
2/28/2015Mill Street Barley Wine
2/23/2015Great Lakes Brewing Pompous Ass
2/20/2015Smuttynose Imperial Stout
2/18/2015Innis & Gunn Rare Oak Pale Ale
2/16/2015Double Trouble Fire in the Rye
2/15/2015Central City Red Racer India Pale Ale
2/13/2015Steamworks Blitzen Christmas Ale
2/11/2015Nickel Brook Bourbon Barrel Aged Cuvée
2/9/2015Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2014
2/7/2015Nickel Brook Bolshevik Bastard Imperial Stout
2/7/2015Nickel Brook Uber Berliner Weisse
2/7/2015Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2010
2/5/2015Beaus Mission Accomplished
2/5/2015Railway City Cranberry Festive Lager
2/5/2015Barley Days Scrimshaw Oyster Stout
2/2/2015Butler’s Bitter
2/2/2015Oast House Saison
2/2/2015Schneider Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock
2/1/2015Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer Blauw/Blue
1/31/2015Nickel Brook Kentucky Bastard Imperial Stout
1/28/2015Kuhnhenn Fourth Dementia (4D) Old Ale
1/26/2015St Feuillien Grand Cru
1/23/2015Smuttynose Robust Porter
1/23/2015Railway City Dead Elephant Ale
1/19/2015Renaissance Tribute Barley Wine (2013)
1/18/2015Wellington Imperial Russian Stout
1/17/2015Nøgne Ø Underlig Jul
1/17/2015St. Bernardus Pater 6
1/17/2015Amsterdam Vicars Vice Olde Ale
1/13/2015Beaus WinterBrewed
1/13/2015Boréale Brassin Festif
1/12/2015Grand River Russian Gun Imperial Stout
1/11/2015Anderson Valley Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout
1/11/2015Beaus St. Luke’s Verse
1/7/2015Bush Pilot Stormy Monday
1/7/2015Amsterdam Tempest Imperial Stout
1/6/2015Muskoka Winter Weiss
1/5/2015Southern Tier Imperial Compass
1/5/2015Hogsback Aporkalypse Now
1/2/2015Trafalgar Mead Braggot
1/2/2015Big Rig Scotch Ale
1/1/2015Grand River Galt Knife Old Style Lager
12/29/2014Mikkeller Cream Ale
12/27/2014Huvila Arctic Circle Ale
12/26/2014Black Oak Summer Saison
12/25/2014Camerons Obsidian Imperial Porter Rum Barrel Aged
12/24/2014Great Lakes Brewing Winter Ale
12/22/2014Lake of Bays Spark House Red
12/22/2014Big Rock Saaz Republic Pilz
12/22/2014Alexander Keith’s Saphir Hop Ale
12/22/2014Renaissance Tribute Barley Wine (2012)
12/21/2014New Holland The Poet
12/21/2014Old Tomorrow Canadian Pale Ale
12/21/2014Innis & Gunn Spiced Rum Finish
12/19/2014Arch Brewing Dinner Jacket Red IPA
12/18/2014Sigtuna Midvinterblot (2012-)
12/17/2014Wellington Arkell Best Bitter
12/16/2014Somersby Pear Cider
12/16/2014Samuel Smiths Organic / Old Brewery Pale Ale
12/15/2014St. Bernardus Blanche (Witbier)
12/15/2014Innis & Gunn Original
12/13/2014Lake of Bays Stitches Oktoberfest Lager
12/11/2014Junction Craft Brakeman’s Session Ale
12/10/2014Railway City Black Coal Stout
12/10/2014Hop City HopBot IPA
12/9/2014Mill Street Dammerung Dunkel
12/9/2014Mikkeller Monks Elixir
12/7/2014DAB Maibock
12/6/2014Augustijn Donker
12/4/2014Watou Tripel
12/3/2014Beaus Rauchstack
12/3/2014Mikkeller Texas Ranger
12/3/2014Greene King Abbot Ale (Filtered)
12/3/2014Lost Coast 8 Ball Stout
12/2/2014Molson Old Style Pilsner
12/2/2014Beaus Bog Water
12/2/2014Tree Cutthroat Pale Ale
11/30/2014Wychwood Bah Humbug! (Bottle)
11/28/2014Box Steam Funnel Blower
11/28/2014Amsterdam Downtown Brown
11/26/2014Piraat 10.5%
11/26/2014Gulden Draak
11/26/2014Barn Door Summer Storm
11/24/2014Railway City Double Dead Elephant
11/24/2014Junction Craft Conductors Craft Ale
11/24/2014Ringwood Fortyniner (Bottle)
11/24/2014Highlander Blacksmith Smoked Porter
11/21/2014Samuel Adams (Barrel Room Collection) Tetravis
11/19/2014Publican House Square Nail Pale Ale
11/19/2014Cool Beer Millennium Buzz
11/18/2014Banks’s Bitter (Filtered)
11/18/2014Jennings Cocker Hoop (Bottle)
11/18/2014Augustijn Grand Cru
11/17/2014Lake of Bays Jake The Snake: Jacques Plante Imperial Pilsner
11/16/2014Leute Bokbier
11/16/2014Amsterdam Autumn Hop Harvest Ale
11/15/2014Great Lakes Brewing Devil’s Pale Ale 666
11/13/2014Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca
11/13/2014Marstons EPA (Bottle)
11/13/2014Brakspear Bitter (Bottle)
11/13/2014Amager Hr. Frederiksen
11/12/2014Box Steam Dark & Handsome
11/11/2014Rochefort Trappistes 8
11/11/2014Augustijn Blond
11/10/2014Barn Door Spring Bock
11/9/2014Nickel Brook Ontario Wet Hop Pale Ale
11/8/2014Robinsons Trooper (Bottle)
11/7/2014Parallel 49 Black Hops Cascadian Dark Lager
11/5/2014Innis & Gunn Oloroso Cask
11/5/2014Duvel Tripel Hop 2014 (Mosaic)
11/5/2014La Bière du Boucanier Blonde
11/5/2014Renaissance Elemental Porter
11/4/2014La Bière du Boucanier Dark Ale
11/4/2014Affligem Blonde
11/3/2014La Bière du Boucanier Red Ale
11/1/2014Collective Arts Saint of Circumstance
10/31/2014Beaus Channel Ocho
10/31/2014Fuller’s Brewer’s Reserve Limited Edition No 4 Oak Aged Ale Armagnac
10/31/2014Shepherd Neame Spooks Ale (Bottle)
10/29/2014Sawdust City The Princess Wears Girlpants
10/28/2014Barn Door Monster Mash
10/28/2014Muskoka Harvest Ale
10/27/2014Westmalle Dubbel
10/27/2014Tree Jumpin Jack India Pumpkin Ale (IPA)
10/21/2014Rickards Lederhosen
10/19/2014Samuel Adams (Barrel Room Collection) New World Tripel
10/19/2014Ommegang Game Of Thrones #3 - Fire and Blood
10/14/2014Rogue Nation Brutal India Pale Ale
10/14/2014Simple Malt Double IPA DH
10/11/2014Schneider Weisse Tap X Meine Porter Weisse
10/9/2014Great Lakes Brewing 25th Anniversary Imperial Black IPA
10/7/2014Creemore Springs Oktoberfest Lager
10/6/2014Renaissance Enlightenment Series The Age of Raisin
10/6/2014Barn Door Oktober Fest Beer
10/5/2014Beaus Dark Helmüt
10/2/2014Erdinger Dunkel
10/1/2014Vedett Extra White
9/30/2014Kaiser Fasstyp
9/28/2014Samuel Smiths Organic Apricot Fruit Beer
9/27/2014Ontario Beer Company 100 Mile Lager
9/24/2014Worthington Winter Shield
9/23/2014Jever Pilsener
9/22/2014Parallel 49 Snap, Crackle, Hop Imperial Rice IPA
9/21/2014Tree Mellow Moon Pineapple Hefeweizen
9/21/2014Henninger Premium Lager
9/19/2014Sawdust City Lone Pine IPA (Cream Soda)
9/19/2014Tree Hophead Double IPA
9/18/2014Beaus Gilgamesh
9/18/2014Flying Monkeys Stereo Vision
9/18/2014Beaus Sargon Ginger Beer
9/18/2014Brutal Brewing Pistonhead Kustom Lager
9/17/2014St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition
9/17/2014Shepherd Neame Spitfire (Bottle)
9/16/2014Dead Frog The Bold Belgian Pale Ale
9/16/2014Kozel Premium Lager 12°
9/15/2014Ontario Beer Company 100 Mile Ale
9/14/2014Great Lakes Brewing My Bitter Wife IPA
9/9/2014R & B Raven Cream Ale
9/9/2014Thornbridge Chiron
9/8/2014Phillips Elsinore
9/6/2014Beaus Dial "Z" For Zwickel
9/5/2014Nickel Brook Le Paysan Saison
9/4/2014Railway City Witty Traveller
9/4/2014Goose Island Pepe Nero
9/3/2014Dunham Saison du Pinacle
9/2/2014Sawdust City Lone Pine IPA
9/2/2014Durham Signature Ale
9/2/2014Molson Canadian
9/2/2014Busch Light
9/2/2014Coors Light
9/2/2014Rolling Rock Extra Pale
9/2/2014Stella Artois
9/1/2014Beaus Nightmärzen
8/31/2014Muskoka Legendary Muskoka Oddity
8/30/2014Brick Waterloo IPA
8/29/2014Beaus Ashnan Wheat Wine
8/28/2014Nøgne Ø Sunturnbrew
8/26/2014Camerons Auburn Ale
8/26/2014Old Mill Elora Grand Lager
8/25/2014Four Winds Saison
8/25/2014Mill Street Palomar
8/25/2014Mill Street Belgian Cherry IPA
8/23/2014Hop City Lawn Chair ‘Classic’ Weisse
8/23/2014Rogue Dad’s Little Helper Black IPA
8/22/2014Innis & Gunn Lager Beer
8/22/2014Beaus Matt’s Sleepy Time Belgian Imperial Stout
8/19/2014Duchy Originals Organic Old Ruby Ale 1905
8/18/2014Waterloo Grapefruit Wheat Radler
8/18/2014Somersby Apple Cider
8/18/2014Spaten Münchner Hell / München / Premium
8/18/2014Muskoka Detour Session IPA
8/15/2014Wychwood Dr. Thirsty’s No. 4 Blonde
8/14/2014Spearhead Hawaiian Style Pale Ale
8/13/2014Camerons California Sunshine
8/12/2014Flying Monkeys Shoulders of Giants
8/12/2014Camerons Lager
8/11/2014Camerons Deviator Doppelbock - Bourbon Barrel Aged
8/9/2014Abbaye des Rocs La Montagnarde (Ambree)
8/8/2014AleSmith Speedway Stout
8/8/2014Mikkeller American Dream
8/6/2014Amager Kåååd
8/6/2014Camerons Cream Ale
8/5/2014Central City Thor’s Hammer Barley Wine
8/5/2014Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA
8/4/2014Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar IIPA
8/4/2014Camerons Rye Bock
8/4/2014Peroni Nastro Azzurro
8/4/2014Camerons Rye Pale Ale
8/2/2014Southern Tier IPA
8/2/2014Abbaye des Rocs Blanche des Honnelles (Blanche Double)
8/1/2014Innis & Gunn Toasted Oak IPA (Bottle)
7/30/2014Gahan Sir John A’s Honey Wheat Ale
7/30/2014Chimay Triple / Blanche (White) / Cinq Cents
7/29/2014Zlatý Bažant 12% (Golden Pheasant)
7/28/2014Howe Sound Woolly Bugger
7/21/2014Grand River Plowmans Ale
7/21/2014Nickel Brook Naughty Neighbour Pale Ale
7/21/2014Kenya Tusker Lager
7/20/2014Mill Street 100th Meridian
7/18/2014Georgian Bay Beer (Dipper)
7/14/2014Tree Captivator Doppelbock
7/14/2014Mill Street Belgian Wit
7/13/2014Beaus Tom Green Beer
7/13/2014Pyramid Outburst Imperial IPA
7/11/2014Beaus Patio Saison
7/11/2014Hop City 8th Sin Black Lager
7/10/2014Gösser Beer (Export)
7/8/2014Wychwood Scarecrow (Bottle)
7/7/2014Ayinger Bräu-Weisse
7/3/2014Flying Monkeys Smashbomb Atomic IPA
7/2/2014Muskoka Twice As Mad Tom IPA
6/26/2014Black Creek Lemon Balm
6/24/2014Collective Arts Rhyme and Reason
6/15/2014Cuvée des Trolls Cuvée Spéciale
6/4/2014Black Creek Irish Potato Stout
6/4/2014Boon Framboise
6/4/2014Muskoka Winter Beard Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout
6/3/2014Black Creek Victorias Empirical Ale
6/3/2014Grand River Tailgate
5/28/2014Lefebvre Hopus
5/27/2014Cassel Golden Rails Honey Brown Ale
5/23/2014Panil Enhanced
5/23/2014Beaus Wag the Wolf
5/22/2014Buxton Imperial Black
5/17/2014Sleeman Cream Ale
5/17/2014Lucky Beer (Lucky Buddha)
5/17/2014Holsten Premium Bier
5/14/2014St Feuillien Saison
5/13/2014Celt Experience Celt Silures
5/7/2014Midtfyns/De Molen X Porter
5/7/2014Grand River Dogstalker April Bock
5/6/2014Great Lakes Brewing RoboHop
5/5/2014Beaus / Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale
5/4/2014Goose Island Pere Jacques
5/3/2014Vulcan Ale
4/29/2014Trafalgar Honey IPA
4/26/2014Xbeeriment Black Force One
4/26/2014Beaus Siduri White Pepper Saison
4/25/2014Thornbridge Halcyon
4/21/2014Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale
4/20/2014Liefmans Cuvée Brut (was: Kriekbier)
4/15/2014Great Lakes Brewing Harry Porter & the Bourbon Soaked Vanilla Bean
4/13/2014Oakham Citra
4/7/2014Nøgne Ø Porter
4/5/2014Sawdust City Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus
4/2/2014Lake of Bays China Wall
4/2/2014Lake of Bays Spring Maple Belgian Blonde Ale