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5/23/2015Westbrook India Pale Ale
5/19/2015Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale
5/15/2015To Øl Passion Of The Weisst
5/15/2015Taybeh Beer Amber
5/13/2015To Øl Brewberry No. 3
5/11/2015Amager Gone Porto
5/8/2015SKA Modus Hoperandi IPA
5/6/2015Amager The Great, White Hope
5/6/2015Evil Twin Nomader Weisse
5/6/2015Cantillon Blåbær Lambik
5/3/2015Evil Twin Molotov Lite
4/30/2015Two Roads Ol’ Factory Pils
4/15/2015Dogfish Head Sixty-One
4/11/2015Flying Couch Bikstok Uranium Bryg
4/6/2015To Øl Mikropolis
4/6/2015Rocket Monks On Mars
4/6/2015Rocket Club Tropicana
4/5/2015To Øl Gossip
4/4/2015Rocket Zero Gravity
4/2/2015SKA Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter
3/27/2015Amager / Cigar City Orange Crush
3/27/2015Adnams Jack Brand Dry Hopped Lager
3/21/2015Westbrook 4th Anniversary Chocolate Coconut Almond Imperial Stout
3/20/2015Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron
3/20/2015Avery Mephistopheles Stout
3/14/2015De Molen Hemel & Aarde (Wild Turkey BA)
3/13/2015Hill Farmstead / Kissmeyer / Cambridge Nordic Saison
3/10/2015Amager Batch 1000
3/9/2015Mikkeller Sort Kaffe
2/28/2015Cantillon Iris
2/27/2015To Øl Goliat Imperial Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged
2/27/2015Green Flash West Coast IPA (2014-)
2/27/2015Amager Christianshavn Pale Ale
2/22/2015Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA
2/20/2015Westbrook One Claw
2/20/2015Amager The Sinner Series Envy
2/14/2015Fantôme Magic Ghost
2/9/2015Adnams 1659 Smoked Ruby Beer
2/9/2015Adnams Jack Brand Crystal Rye IPA
2/9/2015De Molen Spanning & Sensatie
2/6/2015Evil Twin Yin & Yang
2/5/2015Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA
1/22/2015Mikkeller Mexas Ranger
1/22/2015Amager / Three Floyds Arctic SunStone
1/6/2015Rocket Total Eclipse
1/6/2015Evil Twin Freudian Slip
1/4/2015Cigar City Florida Cracker White Ale
1/3/2015Westbrook White Thai
1/3/2015Amager The Sinner Series Wrath
1/3/2015Mikkeller Imperial India Pale Ale Nelson
1/3/2015Mikkeller Imperial India Pale Ale Amarillo
1/3/2015Mikkeller Imperial India Pale Ale Citra
1/3/2015Siren / To Øl Middle Finger Discount
1/3/2015Cantillon Rosé De Gambrinus
1/3/2015Mikkeller Amass Plum Crazy
1/3/2015Mikkeller / To Øl Underall Mosaic
1/3/2015Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA
12/30/2014Siren / To Øl The Tickle Monster
12/30/2014To Øl Dangerously Close To Stupid
12/30/2014Mikkeller / To Øl Underall Polaris
12/29/2014Cigar City Jai Alai India Pale Ale
12/29/2014Kuhnhenn Fourth Dementia (4D) Old Ale
12/27/2014Hoppin’ Frog Tower Tuesday: Infusion B - Double IPA
12/23/2014Prairie Prairie Hop
12/22/2014Mikkeller Blondeaux
12/21/2014Amager / Surly Todd - The Axe Man
12/19/2014Green Flash Road Warrior
12/19/2014Mikkeller Texas Ranger Barrel Aged (Eagle Rare Edition)
12/16/2014To Øl/Mikkeller Overall IIPA
12/16/2014Beavertown 8 Ball
12/14/2014Dark Horse Fore Smoked Stout
11/12/2014Cantillon Cuvée Florian
11/12/2014Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise
11/5/2014Evil Twin I Love You With My Stout
11/2/2014Almanac Farmers Reserve Citrus
11/1/2014Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca
10/31/2014Siren / Off Color Biere De Gouttiere
10/26/2014Almanac Honey Saison
10/26/2014De Molen Tsarina Esra Imperial Porter
10/26/2014Flying Couch Dude
10/25/2014Hoppin’ Frog Barrel Aged DORIS The Destroyer
10/24/2014Amager / Grassroots Black Nitro
10/23/2014Saugatuck Bonfire Brown
10/23/2014Beavertown Neck Oil (2013- )
10/23/2014Amager The Sinner Series Lust
10/21/2014Boon Oude Geuze Mariage Parfait
10/16/2014Mikkeller George vs Brian Calvados
10/10/2014Port Brewing Anniversary
10/10/2014Port Brewing SPA (Summer Pale Ale)
10/9/2014Dark Horse Plead the 5th Imperial Stout
10/7/2014AleSmith Anvil ESB
10/2/2014De Molen Mout & Mocca (2011-)
10/1/2014De Molen Open & Bloot
9/30/2014Amager No Rice & Curry
9/30/2014De Molen Brood & Spelen
9/29/2014Amager / Prairie Tulsa Twister
9/29/2014De Molen Bommen & Granaten (Bombs & Grenades)
9/28/2014De Molen Rasputin Bourbon BA
9/27/2014AleSmith Horny Devil
9/26/2014Hoppin’ Frog Hopped-Up Goose Juice Rye IPA
9/25/2014The Commons Urban Farmhouse Ale
9/25/2014Beer Here Ammestout
9/24/2014Siren Broken Dream (Jack Daniels Barrel Aged)
9/24/2014Evil Twin Luksus One
9/20/2014De la Senne Brussels Calling
9/15/2014Beer Here Ryehopper IPA
9/7/2014Evil Twin Low Life
9/7/2014To Øl Stalins Organ
9/1/2014Almanac Biere de Chocolat
8/10/2014To Øl Half N Hafnia
8/10/2014Amager The Days Of Barley And Roses (Niepoort Edition)
8/8/201418th Street Deal With the Devil Pale Ale
8/8/2014Green Flash Hop Odyssey 30th Street Pale Ale
8/8/2014Straffe Hendrik Wild
8/8/2014Dupont Monk’s Stout
8/8/2014Amager King Of Kentucky
8/5/2014Evil Twin Honey I’m Home
8/1/2014Lost Abbey Agave Maria Ale
8/1/2014Logsdon Seizoen
7/27/2014Logsdon Seizoen Bretta
7/22/2014De la Senne Jambe-de-Bois
7/19/2014Saugatuck Singapore IPA
7/19/2014Saugatuck Hop in Yer Rye
7/17/2014Palo Alto Onoskelis Barleywine
7/14/2014Barcelona Beer Company Cerdos Voladores
7/13/2014Mikkeller Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter
7/11/2014Amager / Jester King Danish Metal
7/10/2014Siren Broken Dream Grand Cru
7/3/2014Mad Venencia Sherry Beer
7/2/2014Mad Salt
7/1/2014Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Ale
6/27/2014Barcelona Beer Company Beercelona
6/27/2014Ebeltoft Texarkana (Texarcana)
6/27/2014Evil Twin Falco IPA
6/27/2014De Natte Gijt Vredesgijt
6/26/2014Amager Double Black Mash
6/26/2014Epic Imperial Red Ale
6/23/2014Jack’s Abby Jabby Brau
6/23/2014Palo Alto Cool Beanz Coffee Porter
6/23/2014Amager Vinter-Porter
6/22/2014Brekeriet Cassis
6/16/2014Anchorage Darkest Hour Imperial Stout (2013)
6/12/2014Jack’s Abby Smoked Märzen
6/12/2014To Øl Final Frontier DIPA
6/12/2014Jack’s Abby Saxonator Dunkles Doppelbock
6/12/2014To Øl Southern Frontier
6/11/2014Evil Twin noma Oxalis
6/11/20148 Wired Mighty Imperial Ale
6/10/2014Mad Umami
6/7/2014Fantôme Hiver (Winter)
6/6/2014Mikkeller Koppi Barley Wine
6/6/2014Lost Abbey Saison Blanc
6/4/2014Three Floyds DEESKO
6/3/2014Westbrook / Evil Twin Justin Blåbær
5/31/2014Achel 8 Blond
5/31/2014Green Flash Palate Wrecker
5/31/2014Mikkeller 黑 / Black
5/30/2014Lost Abbey Deliverance
5/28/2014Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2013
5/28/2014Green Flash Green Bullet
5/28/2014Straffe Hendrik Brugs Tripelbier 9°
5/28/2014Ugly Duck Imperial Vanilla Coffee Porter
5/27/2014Port Brewing High Tide Fresh Hop IPA
5/27/2014Mikkeller Tiger Baby
5/24/2014Mystic Day of Doom
5/24/2014Stillwater Folklore
5/23/2014Prairie Okie
5/22/2014Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout
5/22/2014Dark Horse Too Cream Stout
5/20/2014Siren / Omnipollo / Rick Gordon Lindqvist Näcken
5/20/2014Hoppin’ Frog Karminator
5/20/2014To Øl Black Ball Ballistics
5/18/2014Herslev Chokoladeselskabets Chokoladeøl
5/18/2014To Øl Sofa King Pale
5/17/2014Naparbier / Haandbryggeriet Eskua Saison
5/16/2014To Øl Liquid Confidence (Aged in Cognac Barrels)
5/16/2014Palo Alto Hostage Rye IPA
5/16/2014Amager Barrel Proof
5/16/2014Mikkeller Drink’in The Snow
5/15/2014To Øl Liquid Confidence / Confidential
5/15/2014Two Roads Unorthodox
5/9/2014Siren Maiden 2013
5/8/2014Evil Twin Lil’ B
5/6/2014Mikkeller George (Cherry Wine)
5/6/2014Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail
5/5/2014Two Roads Worker’s Comp Saison
5/5/2014Clown Shoes Clementine
5/4/2014Lost Abbey Carnevale (2009- )
5/3/2014Amager The Days Of Barley And Roses
5/3/2014Beer Here Rocketfuel
5/2/2014Mikkeller Imperial India Pale Ale Mosaic
5/1/2014Mikkeller George!
5/1/2014Two Roads Honeyspot Road White IPA
5/1/2014Mikkeller Chill Pils (Yuzu)