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4/18/2015Foothills Jade IPA
2/10/2015Foothills IPA of the Month: February 2015 (Charlie)
2/7/2015Foothills Imperial Smoked Cherry Porter
2/7/2015Foothills Munich Dunkel
1/25/2015Foothills Kolsch 45
1/23/2015Foothills Hoppy Medium
1/23/2015Foothills IPA of the Month: January 2015 (Barley)
11/18/2014Foothills Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout
11/4/2014Foothills People’s Porter
10/26/2014Foothills Barrel Aged Peoples Porter
10/21/2014Foothills People’s Coffee Porter
10/21/2014Foothills Mango Berliner Weisse
10/21/2014Foothills Seeing Double IPA
10/21/2014Foothills Cottonwood Pumpkin
10/21/2014Foothills Carolina Strawberry Ale
10/21/2014Foothills IPA of the Month: October 2014 (Brew-Hilda)
10/21/2014Foothills Toasted White Oak Aged Gruffmeister Maibock
10/21/2014Foothills Oktoberfest
10/21/2014Foothills Hoppyum IPA
10/21/2014Foothills Torch Pilsner
10/21/2014Foothills Pilot Mountain Pale Ale
10/21/2014Foothills Carolina Blonde Cream Ale
8/9/2014Foothills / Duck-Rabbit / Olde Hickory Olde Rabbit’s Foot
8/9/2014Foothills Schwarzbier