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4/16/2016Foothills Hop of the Month April (Kazbek)
2/2/2016Foothills Foot Men Series: Barleywine
2/2/2016Foothills People’s Coffee Porter
2/2/2016Foothills Fairhaven Helles
12/30/2015Foothills People’s Moravian Porter
12/9/2015Foothills Hoppyum IPA
12/7/2015Foothills Yadkin Riverkeeper Doppelbock
12/2/2015Foothills Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout
9/8/2015Foothills Yadkin Riverkeeper India Pale Lager
8/31/2015Foothills Foot Men Series: American Wheat
8/30/2015Foothills Berry Local Blueberry Pale Ale
8/30/2015Foothills Oktoberfest
8/30/2015Foothills Cottonwood Pumpkin
8/30/2015Foothills American Witbier
7/25/2015Foothills Yadkin Riverkeeper Imperial Pilsner
7/25/2015Foothills Torch Pilsner
7/25/2015Foothills Stout
7/25/2015Foothills People’s Porter
6/13/2015Foothills IPA of the Month: June 2015 (Prince Wally)