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11/23/2015Foley Brothers Parley Rye IPA
11/20/2015Foley Brothers Prospect
11/8/2015Simple Roots Pink Panther Saison
10/21/2015Frost Beer Works Spicy Farmhouse Rye IPA
10/10/2015Rock Art Vermont Hop Harvest
10/5/2015Simple Roots Autumn
9/25/2015Switchback Ale
9/19/2015Weihenstephaner Vitus
9/17/2015Queen City Oktoberfest
9/9/2015Magic Hat Art Hop Ale 2015
9/8/2015Rock Art Vermont Spruce Stout
9/7/2015Stone Corral Kölsch
9/6/2015Crop Doubletyme
8/26/2015Simple Roots Happy Little Cloud
7/20/2015Two Roads Ol’ Factory Pils
7/20/2015Two Roads Lil’ Heaven
7/19/2015Two Roads Honeyspot Road White IPA
7/16/2015Stone RuinTen IPA
7/15/2015Lost Nation Mosaic Single Hop IPA
7/14/2015Frost Beer Works Another IPA
7/12/2015Hop Valley Alphadelic IPA
7/2/2015Simple Roots Old World Saison
6/25/2015Burlington Beer Light in the Window
6/9/2015Frost Beer Works Just Pale Ale
6/8/2015Foley Brothers Ginger Wheat
6/1/2015bent hill Luther Adams Floating Bridge Brown
5/26/2015Long Trail Double Bag
5/25/2015Foley Brothers Citrennial
5/23/2015Foley Brothers Session
5/22/2015Foley Brothers Pieces of Eight Imperial India Pale Ale
5/16/201514th Star Tribute Double IPA
5/4/2015Oakshire Perfect Storm Imperial IPA
5/1/2015Bent Hill Blood Orange Imperial IPA
4/7/2015Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat
3/31/2015Simple Roots Elderflower Saison
3/10/2015Simple Roots Burlington Common
3/9/2015Simple Roots Monarch English Mild Ale
3/2/2015Lindemans Framboise
2/15/2015Stone Smoked Porter - Chipotle Peppers
2/15/2015Long Trail Unfiltered IPA
2/13/2015Bent Hill Imperial Maple Stout
2/5/2015Ommegang Hennepin
2/2/2015Simple Roots Gose the Destructor
1/25/2015Bent Hill Coconut Porter
1/24/2015Simple Roots Citra & Amarillo
1/15/2015Stone Corral Latigo
1/14/2015Unibroue La Fin du Monde
1/7/2015Victory Golden Monkey
12/26/2014Simple Roots American Dream Ale
12/19/2014Lost Nation Lamoille Bretta
12/19/201414th Star Maple Breakfast Stout
12/14/2014Simple Roots Vanilla Hearthside
12/9/2014Simple Roots Winter Saison Ale
11/19/2014Founders Harvest Ale
11/17/2014Northshire Hefeweizen
11/17/2014Foley Brothers Native IPA
11/16/2014Foley Brothers Maple Brown
11/16/2014Burlington Beer Barista
11/6/2014Founders Backwoods Bastard
11/2/2014Sixpoint Sweet Action